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Title: He’s Someone Else’s, Not Mine (Chapter 1)
Author: me
Pairing: Nakachii, Ariyama, Yamachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: -I don’t want to post :p-
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend’s experience – just some part, not all..
Sorry for bad English


“Chi-chan! Gomen, I am late. The rehearsal was extended because next month we will have band competition.”
“Daijoubu, Yuto-kun. Eto, your class is 2D, right? Do you know about Yamada-kun?”
“Heh? Do you mean Yamada Ryosuke?”
“Yes… Do you know him?”
“Yes… Why? Did he do something bad to you?”
“No, I am just curious about him. I felt that he stared me all the time in dance club.”
“Hontou? He is a nice person for your information. Maybe he amazed with your dance, Chi. You are a good dancer.”
“I will tell you while walking home”

Flashback – Chinen POV
Eh, I felt someone is watching me. But who?
I was looking around while dancing and our eyes met.


He smiled to me.

Ah, Yuto’s friend.
I replied him with smile and continued to dance.

“Chinen-san, you will be pairing with Takaki-kun for couple dance.”

Takaki is my senior; he is in 11th grade right now.
I already know him from Junior High School. We had competition together on that time.

Still… I still felt someone is watching me…

Music started and I danced with Takaki-kun…

Still, I could feel the eyes were watching me…
I looked around, and I found him again… Our eyes met for the second time…

“Takaki-san, who is that?”
“He is Yamada-kun, from 2D. He is the most popular guy in this school. You don’t know about it?!?!”
“Aaaaa… No…”
“Chinen-san... All girls in this school know about him.”
“Hontou? I don’t know”
“Yeah, only you don’t know about him. Why do you ask about him? That guy is good looking right?”
“Mm… just curious… Aaaa, gomen, I will go first. Yuto-kun is waiting for me.”

End of flashback

“Ow, so he watched you all the time… Mmm… Actually, this morning he asked about you.”
“He asked whether you are my girlfriend or not”
“And you say?”
“Maybe you can say you are my boyfriend, so he won’t stare me all the time”
“So you want it?”
“Want me to become your boyfriend.”
“Hahaha… You already know that I don’t want to have any relationship like that until I graduate, right. Ja, Yuto, thanks for accompany me walking.”
“You’re welcome Chi”


In Daiki’s house




“Hai! Dai-chan, you always make me shock.”
“You didn’t hear me when I called you about three times!”
“Eh, sorry.”
“What are you thinking about? You seems thinking so hard, so you didn’t hear be before.”
“Is it about Takaki-kun?”
“I know you, Yama-chan.”

Flashback – Yamada POV
2 weeks ago

“Yamada-kun, our school can’t go to couple dance competition. All the girls are 12th grade, they can’t join the competition. You don’t have partner to dance.”
“Takaki-san, I know that someone in 10th grade is a good dancer. She is friend of Yuto-kun.”
“Who is her name?”
“Chinen Yuri”
“Chinen-san? But, she is prohibited to participate. At least, she had been a member for six months in this club.”

Before dance club started today
“I will announce an important thing. We will join the competition. We will sent “one couple”, Takaki-san and Chinen-san”

What? Chinen? Takaki said the freshmen students are prohibited…
Why Takaki? Not me? From the first time, Sensei always prepares me. But now she changes it to Takaki?!?!

End of flashback

“Maybe Sensei has another prespective, and she choose Takaki for some reasons”
Daiki hugs Yamada, and caressing his back

“Maybe… arigatou, Dai-chan… Thank you for always besides me.”
"Douitashimashite, Yama-chan."

Hint of Takachii??
Yamada is jealous about competition or Chinen?
Why did Yamada ask about Chinen?


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