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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 4)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

“We will do our best, Chinen-chan!”

That was the time for Chinen and Takaki to danced

Is he watching me? Where is he?

Chinen saw Yamada was smiling to her.

He watches me all the time, huh?


“Congratulations, Takaki-san, Chinen-san. Although you can’t get the first place, both of you already gave your best ne?”
“Arigatou, Sensei”

“Hoi, Takaki-kun, omedetou!”
“Arigatou, Yamada-kun.”
“Omedetou, Chinen-chan!” Yamada smiles
“Arigatou, Yamada-kun.”

“Gomen, I’m late. I couldn’t watch you, guys”
“Daijoubu, Yuto. But, what are you doing here? The competition already finished.”
“Pick up Chinen-chan… She asks me to teach her to cook for home economics class exam… So we’ll cook at my home.”
“Yuto!!! SShhhh!!”
“You can’t cook? You are girl, Chinen-chan.”
Chinen pouted.

“Yamada-kun, don’t tease Chinen-chan.”
“I’m not teasing her. You said about it and I want to confirm”
“Ehm!! I think both of you are teasing Chinen-chan, you know?!?” said Takaki.

“Gomenne, Chinen-chan”
“Hahahahahaha, daijoubu Yamada-kun. Chinen will not angry to us.”
“I will angry to Yuto-kun! Only to Yuto-kun.”
“Why me?”
“You are the one who start it, you know!”
“See, Yamada-kun! Chinen-chan is not angry to you.” Yuto hugged Chinen
“Hahahaha, release me, Yuto-kun”

“Chinen-chan, why do you ask Yuto-kun to teach you? Better you ask Yamada-kun. He is the great chef in the school!”
“Ssshhh!! I’m not a chef for your information, Takaki-kun.”
“Aa, hontou! Chinen-chan! Yamada-kun is good for cooking, better you learn with him.”
“I will be happy if you accept me to teach you, Chinen-chan.” Yamada smiles

What? After stare me all the time, now he want to teach me?! And he hugged me before….

“What do you want to cook, Chinen-chan?”
“Actually not cook, but make… Make a cake…”
“Yamada-kun’s cake is so good, you know! I think better Yamada-kun teach you to make a cake.”

Chinen gave her glare to Yuto

“Aa, I will accompany you. Maybe I can help to wash the dishes.”
“Because I just wash the dishes, maybe we can make a cake in Chinen’s house.”

“Mina, I’m off.”
“Hai.. See you, Takaki-kun.”
At Chinen’s house

“Do you live alone?”
“No, I don’t Yamada-kun. I live with my parents, but they always come late.”

Yuto watched Chinen and Yamada, and smiled.
This is the first time I see Yamada-kun like this. Maybe you already found her, Yamada-kun.

“Chinen-chan, gomen.”
“Eh, nani? What’s happen Yuto-kun?”
“My mother asks me to help her. So, I must go home now.”
“Daijoubu, Yamada-kun is a nice person. If he does something bad, I will come here as soon as possible. Bye..”

“So, you think I’m a bad guy, huh?”
“Eh? Ano… Sorry Yamada-kun… But I don’t know about you, this is the first time…….”
“Hahaha.. just kidding..” Yamada smiles again

Only two of us…. Argh…..” Chinen didn’t know what to do

“Chinen-chan…let’s start now!”
“Eh?” Chinen blushed
“What are you thinking? We are going to start to make a cake…… How about fruit cake? Do you have strawberry?”

Chinen couldn’t answer. She freezed at the moment when she looked Yamada’s eyes.

“Chinen-chan, do you still here?”
“Aaa… gomen, what? Eh? Strawberry? Wait… I think I have.”

And they started to bake a cake…
The atmosphere at kitchen was very strange. They both looked awkward.
Chinen wanted to talk, but she couldn’t find topics to talk. Yamada also wanted to talk.
And finally, Yamada broke the silence.
He put flour on Chinen cheeks, Chinen shouted, Yamada laughed, and Chinen run to “save” herself.

“Yamada-kun! Stop! Time out!”
“Finally you said something to me!”
“Chinen-chan, don’t you know the atmosphere at kitchen is very strange… Both of us keep silent…”
“Let’s break the silent! Hahahaha”
“Hey! We are supposed to make a cake, not to play, Yamada-kun!”
“Hai” Yamada blinked


“Bake it in 15 minutes. Do you hungry, Chinen-chan?” Yamada laid his body in the sofa
“We can eat the cake right?”
“But we must wait around 30 minutes. Are you sure? How about I cook dinner for you, it’s already 6pm. Better we make the dinner while waiting the cake.”
“Is it ok to you if I borrow your kitchen one more time?”
“Hoooii! Chinen-chan!?”
“What do you want to eat? Heavy meal or light meal?”
“Up to you, Yamada-kun”
“Wait here, ok?” Yamada patted Chinen’s head who was sitting on the floor beside the sofa

Yamada smiled to Chinen and go to the kitchen.

HEH?! HE PATS MY HEAD?!?” Chinen touched her head and blushed again.

At the kitchen

“Hm.. What should I make for her?”
“Eh? Gyoza?” Yamada saw a paper on the refrigerator door
“I wonder if she likes gyoza…..”


“Yamada-kun, what are you cooking? It smells good…” Chinen peeked to the kitchen.
“Please wait in the living room, Chinen-chan…” Yamada smiled to Chinen
“Anoo.. the cake?”
“It already done. Just wait there, ok? Or I will not teach you again..”
“Hoi! Yamada-kun! IT IS MY HOUSE!”
“I know! I know! Just wait please”

Chinen pouted and went back to the living room

“Hai… I just wondered if you like gyoza, I saw the paper in the refrigerator door. You like it, don’t you?”
“Chinen-chan, why do you look so blank today?”
“Haha.. I just think about something.”

“Why do you make gyoza, Yamada-kun… I LOVE IT SO MUCH…”

“Give it try, Chinen-chan”
“Hai.. itadakimasu”

“How is it, Chinen-chan?”
“Try it, Yamada-kun!! Hontou ni umai!!”
“Yokatta.. Actually I didn’t follow the instruction on the recipe. I make it like I always make it at home”
“Do you always make gyoza?”
“Yes, in my hometown… But now, I never make it in Tokyo… I live alone, sometimes I get my lunch in Dai-chan’s house, but I never cook gyoza in her house.”
“Yamada-kun, can you write down the ingredients? So I can ask my mom to make it.”
“Why do you ask your mom? I can always make gyoza for you… or we can make it together.” Yamada smiled.
“Anything I will do for you, Chinen-chan”

Yabai” Chinen blushed

Sorry for very late update...I think I could make it on Valentine's day..but, the story is not finish yet...
Still many moment to write....
And I will busy -very busy- until April...


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