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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 6)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5


*beep beep*
A message?

Hey, Chii-chan.
Do you have any plan tomorrow?

Hi, Yama-chan
Tomorrow maybe I will practice dance at school

Great! See you tomorrow!
Aaah, do you have any plan tomorrow night?
Would you mind to dinner with me?

Eh? You will go to school tomorrow?!
Hey, Yama-chan, tomorrow is Valentine Day.
Go with your girlfriend! I’m not your girlfriend!

I think I already told you that Dai-chan is not here.
Please accompany me *puppy eyes*

So, I’m Dai-chan’s substitute??
Your puppy eyes can’t make me agree to dinner with you xP

What will you do if I say I’m already in front of your house with my puppy eyes?

Yabai! Yama-chan is here?!?!

*ring ring*
Eh? Yama-chan’s calling



But please don’t disturb my dance practice tomorrow!!!

Oya~chuu~mi Chii-chaaaannn

Yamada Ryosuke….
I wonder, if you didn’t have girlfriend………….
Arrrghhhh..yabai..yabai…don’t think about that Chinen Yuri!!!



Valentine Day

Chinen was practicing alone in the gymnasium hall.
Someone was watching her from the distance.

“What time is it?” Chinen opened her mobile phone
“A message? I didn’t hear haha…”

Happy practicing!
I will wait for you (and watching you) :)

Chinen looked for Yamada and she found him near the door.
Yamada waved his hand.

“Yama-chan, why do you stand here? You can sit there.”
“Who did warn me to…….”
“Hai…hai… please sit Yamada-san”
“Do you want to try couple dance, Chii-chan?”
“Eh? With?”
“Hello!!! I am in the same club as you, Chii-chan.”
“Haha, gomen…”

Yamada held Chinen’s hand and started to dance.
Chinen just followed him; Yamada was the one who led her.

Our closeness…yabai…I can feel his breath and heartbeat..YABAIIIII

She is so cute…her dark orbs, her smile…Her movement is very light… she can follow me…

They didn’t realize that someone was watching them…
“Hmm… They are the best couple in this club….”


“For what?”
“For gave me an opportunity to dance with the most popular dancer in the club.” Yamada smiled to her
“Yama-chan….enough… hahaha... the most popular dancer is you!!”
“Who do make all girls scream when he dance?”
“I don’t know.”
“Baka! Hahahaha”

“Let’s go, Chii-chan!”
“Dinner!! I want to try one café at Shibuya…”
“You don’t like café?”
“You didn’t give respond when I said I want to try one café”
“Gomen…. I just….”
“Wait here… I want to buy something” Yamada blinked
“Just sit here” Yamada asked Chinen to sit at the park bench

Chinen sat at the bench and she looked deep in thought.

Yama-chan is so kind to me… I never see him with other girl besides Dai-chan…

“Eh, gomen… Did I make you shock? I just blew your ear, Chii-chan”
“No.. I’m not shock…..”
“Wh-why did you blow my ear?”
“You are so cute when you are thinking hard, Chii-chan. Hora.. this is for you!”
“Vanilla ice cream?”
“You don’t like it, Chii-chan?”
“Why did you buy vanilla flavor?”
“Because vanilla reminds me to you”
“If you don’t like, don’t eat. Just tell me what flavor do you like.”

Chinen ate the vanilla ice cream
“Love it”
“I love vanilla, Yama-chan.” Chinen gave him a big smile
“Yokatta…” Yamada smiled again

I think I am getting to know you, Chii-chan. I want to get closer to you, hear your voice, watch your dance…. I will never make you sad

“Eat it slowly, Chii-chan.” Yamada caressed Chinen’s back
“Good girl!!” Yamada patted her head.


“Yama-chan, arigatou ne.”
“Arigatou for the ice cream”
“Hahaha..douitashimasite, Chii-chan.”
“Eh, what are you doing? Move to left side, before you just moved to my right side”
“Because there are cars from left, I move to your left side... You will be safe because I will get hit from the car first if the car hit us..”

He is protecting me from cars?

I will protect you, Chii-chan

I just added a scene in this friend just told me a doki-doki moment that she experienced and I added it in this chapter...
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