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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 7)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

“Table for two persons, please.”
“Indoor or outdoor?”
“Indoor but near the window.”

“Yama-chan, this café is expensive, isn’t it?”
“Hey, Yama-chan.”
“It’s okay…” Yamada smiled to her

“What do you want to eat, Chii-chan?”
“I don’t know. Too many choices.”
“Light or heavy meal?”
“Hmm…. How about you, Yama-chan?”
“Honestly, I just want to try the strawberry cake.”
“Yes… hahaha… How about we try the cake and after that we go to the ramen stall near here.”
“Yama-chan……. I can’t understand you… hahaha”
“So, 2 strawberry cakes?”
“Your eyes say it is not okay, Chii-chan….”

“2 strawberry cakes and 2 vanilla milkshakes, please”

What? Vanilla milkshake? How can he know it?


“Aaaa… It is the best strawberry cake!!! Give it try, Chii-chan.”
“Un…. Hmmmmm… delicious!!”
“Hontou!! I love it”

It was the first time Chinen saw another side of Yamada.
Yamada likes cake so much, his expression can’t lie.

“Hey! Don’t look at me like that, Chii-chan.”
“You are so cute, Yama-chan…..”
“And you falling with me~” sang Yamada

They continued to eat their cake and talked about their daily lives.
Yamada told about his family in Miyagi, but not a single word about Dai-chan

“Chii-chan, what colour do you like?”
“Just answer me.”
“I guess….pink….”
“Kawaii.. It suits you, Chii-chan…”
“Why do you ask, Yama-chan?”
“I want to give color in your contact and make it my favorite in my phone”
“So, what color does you like, Yama-chan?”
“Akai iro… Why?”
“Same like you… give color in your contact.”
“And make it your favorite?”

Yamada pinched Chinen’s cheeks.
Chinen pouted

Why Yama-chan? Why do I feel that you treat me like your girlfriend?

“Done? Let’s go to the ramen stall”
“Ok. Eh, the bill?”
“I already paid it.”
“Ne, Yama-chan, you always treated me.”
“Daijoubu… Thanks for accompany me today.”

Yamada grabbed Chinen’s hand and walked to the ramen stall.
They walked hand in hand like a couple.
Yamada smiled when he knew that Chinen didn’t let go of his hand.
I wish I can always hold your hand, Chii-chan

His hand fits with my hand perfectly….” Chinen blushed
She wanted to release her hand, but she couldn’t do it.

They entered the stall.

“Ah, Yamada-kun!” greeted the chef.
“It has been so long since the last time you visited this shop.”
“Eh…that’s true… The last time is when I was in junior high school…”
“You always came here after school”

“Yama-chan, you know him?”
“Yess…. The taste of his ramen always reminded me with my mother”
“Yamada-kun always said “It same like my mother’s ramen” and he gave me a very big smile”

“Who are you, cute girl? Are you Yamada-kun’s girlfriend?”
“She is my best friend, jii-chan”
“Hontou? If you love her, I think you should confess it to her, Yamada-kun... Or it become late, and she is already someone else’s”
“Urusai yo, jii-chan…”
“hahaha..hai..hai.. I will serve your favorite ramen… do you want one portion or two?”
“Honestly, I’m already full…”
“Okay, so one portion… You can try the ramen from my bowl, Chii-chan.”

Yabai… one bowl with Yama-chan… But, I’m already full if I take one bowl

They waited the ramen in silence.
No one talked…
The atmosphere became weird after the chef asked about their relationship…

“Here is your ramen, Yamada-kun”
“Arigatou, jii-chan”

“Do you want to try, Chii-chan”
“No.. Thanks..”
“Ojii-chan will cry if you don’t try it Chii-chan” Yamada persuaded her.

“Hora… Aaaaaaahh….” Yamada fed Chinen
Chinen opened her mouth, she didn’t have choice.

“Oishii desu yo?” Yamada asked Chinen

His face is too close…yabaii…” Chinen blushed

“Is it hot? Your face is red, Chii-chan”
“ Oishiiiiii~..”
“Do you want more?” Yamada wanted to feed Chinen again.

And Chinen opened her mouth again…

“Are you sure that she is not your girlfriend, Yamada-kun?”

Yamada just gave his smile.

“Why is your face so red, Chii-chan?”

Yama-chan wa BAKA!!!

“Yamada-kun…. Your face is too close with her!”

“Ahhh…. How if I do this?” Yamada embraced Chinen

“BAKAAA!!!” Chinen blushed hard and gave him a whack

“Hahaha.. Don’t tease her, Yamada-kun…”

“Hai..hai.. gomen ne, Chii-chan.. You are so cute, I can’t hold myself…”


“Thank you for today, Yama-chan”
“Hahaha.. Thank you for accompany me, Chii-chan.. Happy Valentine Day” Yamada hugged Chinen
“Eh, Ya-Yama-chan..”
“Nani?” Yamada released Chinen
“Iie… Happy Valentine Day and oyasumi..”
“Oyasumi, Chii-chan” he patted Chinen’s head

“Ja~, see you tomorrow at school”
“Safe drive, Yama-chan”

“Hm… my cute daughter has a boyfriend, ne?”
“Eh?? No… He is just my best friend… He already has a girlfriend…”

Chinen told her mother about Yamada

“Hm.. I see.. I have a quote for you, Yuri”
“Mom has read it….. If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”
“Sent this quote to him.. And you will see what will happen..”
“Mom…enough…” Chinen blushed
“Maybe you can ask about his girlfriend… and you will find something..”
“I don’t want to talk about him…”
“You love him, ne? Yuri….. For your information, I will support you”
“Now, go to sleep..and have a nice dream..tomorrow you will meet him again, right?”
“Oyasumi, Mom.”

*beep beep*
I have arrived home safely..haha
Now I want to take a bath and then sleep..
Thanks for today, Chii-chan
See you tomorrow, Yu-ri :)

Chinen blushed when she read it.
She remembered what her mom said before.

Does he love me?”

Thanks, Yama-chan
It’s already late; don’t soak too long on your bath tub! :p
Oyasumi, Yama-chan

*beep beep*
Wow..You know that I always soak in my bath tub…
Are you sure you don’t put CCTV in my bathroom?? :p

Yes! I put CCTV on your bathroom!!
I’m going to bed now..

*beep beep*
by the way, why you didn't return my hug before?


*beep beep*
I know you are still awake hahaha
Forget my last message
Oyasumi :)

AAAAAAA.....I don't know what I has written....
Edited and edited again...
Now I think it is to much doki-doki moment...gomennnn >.<
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