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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 8)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7


Valentine Day, huh?
When other people are busy with Valentine Day, making chocolate, dating, hang out…
I just playing drum in my house.
Bored? No…

Yamada-kun said that he will hang out with Chi-chan today.
I wonder where they are going to.
Yamada-kun looked so happy when he was talking about Chi-chan.
Is that love? Does Yamada-kun love Chi-chan?

Yamada-kun has been my best friend since 10th grade in senior high school.
Yes, Yamada-kun and his girlfriend.
But, I think they are not like in a relationship.

Daiki is the one who always in active side on that relationship.
She always do this and that, she is the one who always takes an initiative to do something.
Daiki is the one who always arrange the date; she is more like Yamada-kun’s manager…

Yamada-kun never talks about his relationship and about Daiki.
And because I’m Yamada-kun’s best friend, Daiki usually asks me about Yamada-kun.
She thought Yamada-kun told me something about his relationship or Daiki, but the fact is no.

*beep beep*
Yuto, are you hanging out with Yama-chan right now?


Uhm, no.
What’s happen?

I think Yama-chan is hanging out with you and Chinen-chan.
He told me that he will hang out with Chinen-chan today.

Oh, no…. Daiki knows it. Yamada-kun, you are too honest

*beep beep*
Yuto, can I call you now?
I want to talk about Yama-chan

Eh? How about we meet in the usual place? Is it okay?

Now I am not in Tokyo, Yuto.

Ah, okay.
I will call you.

Moshi-moshi, Daiki?

Moshi-moshi, Yuto

What’s happen? Is it about Yamada-kun?

Ne, Yuto. Did Yama-chan tell you something about me??


About Chinen-chan?


Please answer me, Yuto.
I’m not angry, and I will not angry.
He told something about Chinen-chan, right?


Ne, Yuto, what do you think about Yama-chan and Chinen-chan?

Eh? What do you mean?

I mean, uhmm, Yama-chan is getting closer with Chinen-chan.
What kind a relationship that they have?

Eh? Why do you ask me?

Honestly I’m tired with my relationship with Yama-chan.


I am the one who always active, he just respond and done.
Maybe it is my fault.
I confessed to him, he didn’t know about his feeling.
I didn’t think about him, I just did anything to get his attention.
I was happy when he responded me, but just it.
He always forgets our anniversary and my birthday.
I will not blame him if he loves Chinen-chan, because from the first I know, he doesn’t love me.

But he always says that he loves you, right?

For the first time I was happy when he said it.
But, now it is plain. It’s like just habit to say “I love you” to me.

I can’t give you an advice, Daiki.

Daijoubu, I just want to tell you.


Because you are Yama-chan best friend and you love Chinen-chan, right?


I know it, Yuto.

So, you tell me and want me to separate them?
Aaaa.. I understand…
So, is it okay for you? Really?
I don’t know I can do it or not.
Hope our plan will going smoothly.


“Otsukaresama, Sensei!”
“Before the end of our practice, I will announce a new couple in couple dance for next competition. Yamada-san and Chinen-san”
“Eh, watashi?”
“Yokatta ne, Chii-chan. We will dance together.”
“I have seen their practice on the weekend here, and it was amazing! It is a non-prepared dance, right Yamada-san?”

“Kya~ Chinen-san will dance with Yamada-san….”
“I am jealous… Why sensei didn’t choose me…”
The other girls in the club were jealous with Chinen, but they all admitted that Chinen is a good dancer and she is the one who can be paired with Yamada.

I don’t know, I must happy or not. The one that I know is my heart is pounding very hard now.”
“Chii-chan? Do you still here? Hoiiiii”
“Eh, gomen ne Yama-chan.”
“Ureshi ne, we will dance together. We can spend more time together than before.”

“Ne, I have heard a quote, maybe not a quote, maybe I can say it is a story from my senpai before. He said that the couple must become one and know each other, not just know each other in dance, but also the heart. Our heart must become one, Chii-chan. Could I get to know you more than before? Could I get closer to you?” Yamada held Chinen’s hands.
“Eh? Yama-chan….It is about the couple dance desho?”
“Uhm..Yes and no…”
“Let’s spend our time together……..” Yamada whispered.

“HAI, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!” Sensei finished the dance practice

“Eh? What did you say, Yama-chan?”
“Nothing….. Let’s go home together!” Yamada offered his hand to Chinen
“Our house are not near, Yama-chan. Not in the same way...”
“No, problem… Just like what I said before, I want to know you more. Would you mind if I take you home? We can talk more…”
“Why...why do I feel it is not for couple dance, Yama-chan?”
“Hahaha….” Yamada laughed and grabbed Chinen’s hand.

From that time, Yamada always took Chinen home.

Until one day…..

*beep beep*
Chii-chan, gomen ne.
I can’t take you home today.
Be safe, Chii-chan
See you tomorrow.

Daijoubu, Yama-chan
See you tomorrow.

Alone… Honestly I miss him...but who am I? He already had a girlfriend, and he spent his time almost with me. He said that Daiki know it and she supports him about the couple dance and to get closer with me for the couple dance. Maybe today he hangs out with Daiki.”

Chinen opened her locker
Eh? A letter? Who?”

Be safe and see you soon!
I’ll talk to you soon :)
Let me know when you are home
-Your super handsome dance partner-

“Yama-chan?! You’re so confident, Yama-chan.. Who says you are handsome, baka!” Chinen smiled.

“Yuto! You surprised me.”
“Ehm! Chi-chan was smiling when she read the letter…. Love letter?”
“No.. It’s not a love letter!!!”
“Are you sure? If that’s not a love letter, then show it to me.”
“It’s not your business Yuto!”

Yuto is taller and stronger than Chinen, of course, he is a man.
He took the letter from Chinen and read it.

“Huh? No name. Are you sure it is for you? ”
“Yeah, it is not a love letter….”
“Gomen, Chi-chan. It’s your letter”
“Arigatou… Ja, see you…”
“Chi-chan, could I take you home? You always hang out with Yamada-kun. I miss you…..” Yuto persuaded Chinen.
“Gomen ne Yuto. That is not I don’t want you to take me home. But, I want to go home alone.”
“I just want to be alone now.” Chinen smiled
“Gomen ne, do you still angry, Chi-chan?”
“No. Just want to be alone.”
“Okay, if you want it. See you tomorrow…”

As I thought, it’s from Yamada-kun. I must tell Daiki.

It is not I don’t want to walk with you, Yuto. But, honestly I miss Yama-chan, I’m afraid that you can know that I miss him. Do I love him? Do I like him? Is it wrong to like somebody that already has a girlfriend?

As I thought! I bored!! Hahaha..
So I update the new chapter.. Hope you like it :)
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