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Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

At Yamada’s house

*knock knock*
“Dare? Who is coming now? It is already lare…”

Yamada opened the door

“Konbanwa, Yama-chan. How are you?”
“Good.. Come in, Dai-chan”

“I bet you are surprised when you opened the door, right?”
“….. un…. You said that you will back 2 weeks from now…”
“I think you must be happy Yama-chan..”
“I just surprised…”
“I want to ask something to you…. What is this?” Dai-chan gave some photos of Yamada and Chinen
“You can’t answer me, Yama-chan.”
“I want to explain it to you later, but you found it first.”
“You are cheating on me, Yama-chan….” Daiki cried..
“Dai-chan, please listen to me. I will explain it.”

The next day

“I’m off, Mom!”
“Be safe, Yuri!”

“No text from him, no call, and he seems make a distance to me.
Yuri!!!! He is already someone else, not yours!!!”

“Chi-chan!! Hahaha.. you are daydreaming again. What is wrong?”
“No-nothing… ohayou Yu-“ Chinen froze
“Nani? Hoii..Chi-chan..”

“Yamada and Daichan walked together…
Why I am sad…Yamada is hers…”

“Ohayou Yuto! Ohayou Chinen!”
“Ohayou Daiki!”
“Ohayou Chinen!”
“Eh…o-ohayou” Chinen bowed
“Gomen ne, Chi-chan seems not good these days… She keeps quiet and looks blank.”
“Hoi, Yuto!” Chinen pinched Yuto’s arm

Are you okay, Chi-chan…?”
 Yamada watched Chinen, Daiki realized it

“Yama-chan, we must hurry! I must go to toilet” Daiki pulled him

“Oi! Go to toilet by yourself, Daiki!” Yuto shout
“Eh, what’s wrong Chi-chan?”

Yuto heard someone is sobbing
Chinen couldn’t keep her tears

“He is Daichan’s, not mine”


Is she okay?
Yuto hugged her

“Yama-chan, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Daichan”
“Is Chinen again?”
“I believe you, Yama-chan.” Daiki kissed his cheek and patted his back.
“Daichan, can you help me?”
“I don’t want to see her again.”
“Are you serious?”
“Please make her hate me….”
“WHAT? She is your dance partner”
“Yes, I know.”
“Hontou ni, you are the most stupid person in the world, Yama-chan.”
“It’s because of you, Daichan.”
“HOI!! DON’T BLAME ME!” Daichan whacked him
“Please do anything you want according your plan, Daichan.”

Sorry for very late update...
I changed the plot of the story...because my friend's story is already end :(
And I wrote it in my practice room in university and someone in next door played "I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz"
Don't give up, Yamachii!!! hahaha


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