Mar. 1st, 2016

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Thank you to all of you who read my fanfic "He is Someone Else's, Not Mine"

Honestly, I confused how to finish this FF, because in the real life, the story hasn't finished yet.
I have made a draft, there will be around 15-20 chapters, but I just finished the chapter 8...
I don't know when I will post it, because sometimes I still want to change the plot...

Sorry for bad English, hope you can understand the FF..hahaha

I try to update as soon as possible..
Please comment if you read my fic xD
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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 5)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chinen POV
*beep beep*
a message?

Chinen-chan, arigatou ne.

I am the one who must say thank you.
You taught me to make cake, you cooked gyoza for me.

Thanks for letting me taught you to make a cake :p
Thanks for letting me cooked for you

Good night, Chii-chan.
Sweet dream and see you tomorrow.
By the way, I am happy today :)

Oyasumi, Yamada-kun.
See you :)

Eh, he knows my phone number? What?!? Chii-chan? He calls me Chii-chan?!?

The next morning…

Arghhh…who is calling me in the morning?!?
I still want to sleep…

Moshi-moshi, who is this?
You don’t save my number, Chii-chan?
Hah?! You called me “Chii-chan” last night. I know your voice, Yamada-kun
No, Ryosuke… call me “Ryosuke”
Heh? Why I must call you Ryosuke?!, we are not close you know!
Just call me Ryosuke, please.
Please Yuri…

*deg* what?! He calls me “Yuri”?

Moshi-moshi… Chinen-chan?
Just kidding..haha
Why do you call me in the morning…?
I miss you.. Haha.. I want to hear your voice.. See you at school

End of POV

“Ohayougozaimasu, Chi-chan!”
“Ohayou, Yuto-kun!”
“Eh, how was yesterday? Did Yamada do something to you?”
“Hah? What do you mean?”
“Yes, it was just two of you… what did he do?”
“Aaaa.. HE MADE GYOZA!!!!! I wonder how he knows that I like gyoza.”
“Do you want to know?”
“Eh? You know? Did Yamada tell you something?”
“YOUR FACE IS LIKE GYOZA” Yuto run as fast as possible to avoid Chinen’s whack.

Chinen almost fell down and somebody catched her.

“Chii-chan, don’t run. You can fall you know. Daijoubu ka?”
“Eh? Gomen…..Ya-ya-yamada-kun?”
“Be careful next time, ok?” Yamada patted Chinen’s head

Nothing changed and nothing happened after that.
It was like normal, but Chinen always thought about Yamada and Yamada also thought about Chinen.


At the night,

Why I always think about him?
Yuri..Yuri.. Okay, please don’t think about him..

*beep beep*
I’m going to bed :)
Have a good night Chi-chan, and rest well

Yamada-kun? Hm…

Wish you a good night, Yamada-kun

And he always text me when I think about him…
Is he thinking about me too??


What is she doing right now?
She is too innocent and cute.
I hope I can spend more time with her., you have Dai-chan
But the feeling is different

I will text her…
Hope she hasn’t slept

I’m going to bed :)
Have a good night Chi-chan, and rest well

*beep beep*
Wish you a good night, Yamada-kun

Yabai, I miss her voice so much
I can’t sleep

Chi-chan, can I call you now?

*beep beep*
Call? Ah, yes.




Chi-chan, what is your plan on this weekend?

Nothing, maybe I will do my homework, study, and practice

If you need help, let me know

Arigatou, Yamada-kun

Eh, you just do that on Valentine Day?

Eh? Aaa.. This Sunday is February 14th.

How about we practice couple dance at school?

Eh? You not celebrate it with your girlfriend….?

Dai-chan? Dai-chan is not here until next week.


It’s okay. I have you to hangout right?

Yamada-kun, did you said that you are going to sleep now?

Aahh… Okay, I’m going to bed now. Oyasumi, Chi-chan. I miss you....

O-o-oyasumi, Yamada-kun

Please call me Yama-chan

Aaaa, oyasumi Yama-chan


Honestly I love his voice, it’s so warm and deep..

Why did he call me?? Hmmmm
He said that he missed me?!?


And from that time, Yamada always text and call Chinen every night and every morning.
It became habit.
They were getting closer and closer.

1. does Yamada love Chinen?
2. does Chinen like Yamada? or love?

New chapter!! YEY!
But I think it is the shortest and worst chapter..
It seems like I want to finish it quickly...hahaha..gomen..
Now I am in the middle of rehearsal..dinner time..but I decided to post this chapter...
I become more exciting to post the next chapter..
please comment if you read it :)
Sorry for bad English


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