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Kindaichi (ni-san-yon)

Do you know why I put the title like that? Do you understand what I mean?

Yesterday, I decided to download (and watch, of course) all generation of Kindaichi Live Action, from the first, Domoto Tsuyoshi-kun until the newest (the fourth generation), Yamada Ryosuke-kun.
I hope I can watch all of them on Christmas Holiday! Hahaha
I already watched “kindaSAN” – the third generation, Kamenashi Kazuya-kun, before I watched “kindaYON”.
*I will use this kind of writing to write about generation*

Now, I am watching the “kindaICHI” SP 1, which published on 1995.
Watching the old drama is kowaii!!! Even though it is a detective drama, but it changes to horror! The film on that year is darker than now. The quality of pictures, colors, and size (weight and length of picture) are different and make it more kowaii!!
But there is one similarity between kinda-ICHI-SAN-YON (I haven’t watched the NI), the BGM (background music)! It is KINDAICHI’s music!

Before watch the Kindaichi Live Action, I already read the manga, I like detective mangas and novels. I have Detective Conan, Kindaichi, Sherlock Holmes, and Agatha Christie’s Novel.
I already have image of Kindaichi before I watch the Live Action, so I keep it in my mind when I watch the LA.
For me, the closest version of Kindaichi is kindaYON – Yamada Ryosuke. He can show the baka-hentai-comical Kindaichi to us, and also don’t-has-shy (I don’t know how to describe it).
The closest version of Miyuki is kindaSAN – Ueno Juri. She could express the angriness but also need Kindaichi.
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Finally my friends and I watched Suikyuu Yankees & Kindachi Neo...

Suikyuu Yankees: honestly I dont understand the story of the drama.. And I found that Yuto always play student role who wants to be a leader (at Risou no Musuko he 'wants' to be a 'leader' too)..
And also.. His role always become a possitive person, always possitive about his goal and a student who loves (?) his school..
About his hair..oh my.. I dont like blond hair like that.. In this drama, for the first time I saw Yuya is handsome!! Haha.. At HSJ, Chinen and Yamada always catch my attention, seems like I dont see the other member.. But in this drama, finally -yes, finally- I can say Yuya-kun wa kakkoi desu!!
-I think I must watch DVD (concert) many times so we can see the other members- LOL

Kindaichi Neo: I like this drama!! Not because Kindaichi is Yamada.. But I like detective novel and story.. Yamada can bring the real Kindaichi -I mean the 'real' Kindaichi based on my imagination- the stupid Kindaichi and of course about the 'porn' Kindaichi.. Haha.. Yamada is the best Kindaichi I ever saw..

Still waiting for the sub.. Suikyuu eps 5 and Kindaichi eps 4... Just thinking, why the suikyuu's sub is release faster than Kindaichi's...


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