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Galau kwek kwek.. I can't find english word to discribe "galau" hahaha.. "Kwek kwek" actually the duck's sound in Bahasa..

Galau kwek kwek is a group chat that "found" by my friend, Vivi; and the members are Vivi, Meliana, and me. Actually the galau-est persons are Vivi and me; Meliana seems like moderator in this group.. We need moderator who doesn't a galau person because if it doesn't have moderator I and Vivi can galau all the time.. Ahaha

Funniest part is the name of our "boy".. The initial name are same like our initial, consist of F and V; so we think there will be a boy that has initial name S.. Hahaha.. #random

Through this group chat, we think we gets closer day by day.. Haha.. And we know and realize about friendship.. No matter who you are, friends (best friends) always there for you.. They will support you when you down and they always there for you..

I feel I found my best friends in the university.. Maybe I have best friends also in high school, but in university, same faculty, you will find that you have same hobbies and same life especially if you are in faculty of art.. Many people don't understand about art, it isn't just knowledge but also passion and your dedication.. Many people don't understand the difficulties of art.. But we always keep fighting on it.. We can call ourselves "artist" because we are people who work in art world..


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Long time not write here.. Finally I installed ljapp in my smartphone.. Now I can write anytime and anywhere.. Haha

438A maybe its like just room number, but for some people it like second home! Yeah, it is a practice room at Conservatory of Music in Pelita Harapan University.. But this room is like our home in campus..
There are 10 students who always come, put their belongings, although they don't use tge room..Hahaha

We are like family, there are many thing that we cannot talk to our family but we can talk to our friends. They give advices and support. Cry and laugh together.. Thank you guys for these 4 years..


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