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Dozo yoroshiku!

Hello, it is my first post in livejournal.
It is my 4th years in university and I must do my final paper.
Now, I am doing my final paper in the library and almost 3 hours I sit in the library, it is so bored.
So, I decided to open my livejournal and started to write in it.

My final paper is quite difficult because I must write in two languages, which are Bahasa Indonesia and English. The other students not must write it in English because they don’t have expatriate advisors. The other hands, I have two expatriate from three advisors, they are Japanese and Singaporean. The difficulties are I must read book or journal in English and write it in Bahasa Indonesia and English with my own language. My mothertounge is Bahasa Indonesia, so it is difficult for me because my English is not good and I must write in academic language.

While I was doing my paper, my iTunes played Hey! Say! JUMP’s songs!! Yeay, it was like some refreshing for me. Although it was background sound, I could “sing” or “dance” when I felt bored. My best friend, Meliana, who was sitting beside me, just saw me with “face-full-of-question-mark”... hahaha... ごめんねメリちゃん

I mention about Hey! Say! JUMP earlier, they are Japanese Idol. I know them since I was in senior high school, maybe around 2008. My friend, Cecil, introduced their songs to me. She is Arashi’s fans but she also like Hey! Say! JUMP. When I saw Hey! Say! JUMP for the first time, I wasn’t like them, because I though they are boys but looks like girls... but Chinen Yuri already got my attention...
And my opinion changed since I found NYC last year when I watched Nintama Rantarou Drama. In that drama, the theme song is Yuuki 100% that was sung by NYC. I searched about NYC and found Chinen Yuri and Yamada Ryosuke, who are the members of Hey! Say! JUMP also. And from last year I started to search about them and now I think I am one of the fans of Hey! Say! JUMP...hahaha

I have one story… many people, especially adult like our parents, don’t like their children become a fans of actress, actor, singer, and so on. They think it can be worse when we try to buy all the CDs, DVDs, posters, etc. because they think it’s a waste of money. But I have one reason to become a fans, the reason is it makes me more spirit to do something. For example, on February, Hey! Say! JUMP released their new single “AinoArika”. I have decided my target, like I must finish read all my recital programs in 2 weeks so I can get the single (I am a music student). And I really try hard to read all of them in 2 weeks and my teacher have listened all of them in lesson. After that, I can get the single! Yep...
Now I have the new target, of course about my paper... and the reward is Zenkoku e JUMP tour 2013!! Yey!!

Okay, I have to continue my paper... Bye...


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