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long time not write here..
Now is my free-time during the hectic-Monday-teaching..
I have class from 8am-10am and 1.30pm-6pm...
I want refreshing!!! hahaha -sorry for bad English-

I want to write about my experience these 2 days..
the main point is about COMMUNICATION..
as a human, we are social, right? we need to communicate each other..
we can't live alone..

these 2 days, I found problem in communication..
as a musician (I can say I'm a musician) especially in a group musicians we have manager, who take care us, make schedule, and many more.. I am a manager too in other event, I must take care around 25 I know the job desk of manager..
I found lack of communitacion from 2 "my manager" (actually not mine, but our different group..haha)
I hate the last minute person who contacts musicians last minute - I can say last minute, because he said "THIS AFTERNOON / THIS NIGHT" and  "TOMORROW" without any announcement at least a week before..
You think I don't have any job or work besides yours?!?!?!?!
Why you make some schedule if you always said it in last minute?!?!
and I know this event already scheduled 2 months ago...Why you don't tell us at least a month before to save the date?!?
is it difficult to contact us?!

the second problem is NO COMMUNICATIONS between the crew..
if the crew don't have good communications, how come you can make an event and take care the musisicans?!
I don't want make long comment in this point, because it internal problem with the crews, I just a musician....

I want to take my lunch haha..
I will write again maybe tomorrow or Wednesday,,
I want to try make fanfictions, many ideas, don't know where to start..hahaha..
hope I can start it soon..


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