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Long time since my last post.. HahaYesterday my friend GAVE me JUMP's S3ART ALBUMS!! Complete from LE1, LE2, until RE first!!

She gave me after we finished our lunch at Roppan (she really wanted to eat Fujiyama Ice, LOL).. She said "I have recital's gift for you" and she took out the CDs from her bag.. It wrapped with bubble plastic -sorry, I don't know the name of plastic- so I couldn't see it clearly.. I just knew that is CD, wait 3 CDs... But I saw some familiar font "Hey! ..." And suddenly I shouted "AAAA!!" (fortunatelly, Roppan wasn't full, but maybe some people looked at me LOL)I became speechless and started to cry... I didn't expect that I can get Hey! Say! JUMP's Newest Album - S3ART.. 私は夢の中だと思った。いや、これは夢ではない…。

I think this is the first time I like -love maybe LOL- artist like this.. Freak maybe LOL.. Every time when I think I want to off, they always make some single, concert, or album.. Arghhh.. And this year, they are very productive!! Aaaaaa.. Cannot stop.. Aaaa

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Galau kwek kwek.. I can't find english word to discribe "galau" hahaha.. "Kwek kwek" actually the duck's sound in Bahasa..

Galau kwek kwek is a group chat that "found" by my friend, Vivi; and the members are Vivi, Meliana, and me. Actually the galau-est persons are Vivi and me; Meliana seems like moderator in this group.. We need moderator who doesn't a galau person because if it doesn't have moderator I and Vivi can galau all the time.. Ahaha

Funniest part is the name of our "boy".. The initial name are same like our initial, consist of F and V; so we think there will be a boy that has initial name S.. Hahaha.. #random

Through this group chat, we think we gets closer day by day.. Haha.. And we know and realize about friendship.. No matter who you are, friends (best friends) always there for you.. They will support you when you down and they always there for you..

I feel I found my best friends in the university.. Maybe I have best friends also in high school, but in university, same faculty, you will find that you have same hobbies and same life especially if you are in faculty of art.. Many people don't understand about art, it isn't just knowledge but also passion and your dedication.. Many people don't understand the difficulties of art.. But we always keep fighting on it.. We can call ourselves "artist" because we are people who work in art world..



Jun. 3rd, 2014 12:42 pm
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My third post today.. Haha
Maybe there are many j-pop-ers change to be k-pop-ers nowaday because so many korean artists, dramas, boybands and girlbands in television....
Butttttttt... I succeed to make 2 k-pop-ers become fans of Yamada Ryosuke!! Hahaha
And they begin to listen HSJ's and NYC's beside Yamada's solos.

It happened last two weeks.. I sleptover in my friend's dormitory and we watched Zenkoku e JUMP Tour 2013.. We made so much noise that 'disturbed' the next rooms. And my friends from next room came and watched what we was watching.. Hahaha
And at that time we was watching Yamada's solo - Mystery Virgin (Nagoya Concert) with best visual effect in stage.. And they said 'aaaa.. So cool...' and 'who is he? So handsome lah' hahahaha
After that they asked me about yamada and asked me to bring more yamada's video for week after. And every week thats happen.. Haha
Now I get confused because I already showed all yamada's videos that I have. I must search the newest.. Hahaha

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My last journal is about one month ago (except 438A Basecamp) hahaha

This semester is accelerated semester for UPH student, a very short semester, from May until early August. This semester is my last semester in university (I hope so). In this last semester I take my last recital and of course final paper.
If I can choose between recital and paper, I prefer recital. 'Wasting' time for practice is more useful than sit in front of computer and write a paper.

Music is not easy, yes of course! Many people think music is easy and fun to study. Trust me, it is not easy. You have to give all of yours to make it. Music is not just play the note, but also count, think, and many more.

For my last recital, I chose one modern song from Japanese Composer. Maybe I become Japan-mania (don't know how to call it) haha because of Hey! Say! JUMP.
I will play Cake March (お菓子の行進曲 - Okashi no Kyōshinkyoku). It is difficult to search about this song because there is no english language or english translate. I only use google translator, poor me..

Paper.. Hmm.. Half done.. Haha..
I try to make some target in paper writing and if I can get it, I can get Hey! Say! JUMP new albun. But it seems like impossible.. Arghhh..
頑張ります hahaha

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Long time not write here.. Finally I installed ljapp in my smartphone.. Now I can write anytime and anywhere.. Haha

438A maybe its like just room number, but for some people it like second home! Yeah, it is a practice room at Conservatory of Music in Pelita Harapan University.. But this room is like our home in campus..
There are 10 students who always come, put their belongings, although they don't use tge room..Hahaha

We are like family, there are many thing that we cannot talk to our family but we can talk to our friends. They give advices and support. Cry and laugh together.. Thank you guys for these 4 years..


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