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My name is Sara…
I’m from Indonesia…
I graduated from my college in 2014, majoring Music.
I’m a music assistant lecturer (piano and double bass), piano teacher, orchestra player, and also a fangirl of Hey! Say! JUMP and Arashi (LOL) – I wonder if fangirl is a kind of occupation XD
My bias in Hey! Say! JUMP is Chinen Yuri. But now, I like Yamada Ryosuke too!! I can’t choose one of them. They are too perfect to be together (it is just my opinion) (LOL). Of course my OTP is Yamachii.
My bias in Arashi is Sakurai Sho. I like his face and his voice.

My other hobbies are making handy craft, cooking and baking, singing, travelling, and so on.

I make this account because many my mutual friends in LJ move to DW..
Especially in Arashi and HSJ fandom.

Same as my LJ (sara_bassy92)
All of my DW posts consist of my private life and JUMP files.
I decided all my JUMP files are locked.
I’d like to tell you that I don’t have any subbed videos.

I start to make fan fiction, if you don’t like please don’t read it.

If you interest of my JUMP files, please leave a comment here and give a short introduction about yourself to be added.
I’d like to know who are you, who’s your name and where you come from.
I’d like to know which fans are you and who’s your bias.
I don’t want random people come and grab some of my videos without I don’t even know them.

Don’t spread my files’ links and passwords to anyone and anywhere. Just share my DW acc address. NO HOTLINK.

Don’t edit or claims my files as yours or re-upload my files anywhere.


Date: 2017-05-29 02:00 pm (UTC)
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Hai sara, aku fani dari Indonesia juga (ini kenalan pake bhs aja ya :p). Aku fans HSJ udah dari akhir 2014, awal sih gara2 nonton drama Chinen 'sprout' terus mulai suka sama Chi. Terus temen aku ngasih drama Kindaichi, disitu mulai suka Yama. Yaudah deh, jadi bias aku Yamachi :D Salam kenal lho ya :)
(Kayaknya aku juga ngikutin km di LJ deh, uname ku sama kok DW sama LJ)


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