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My name is Sara…
I’m from Indonesia…
I graduated from my college in 2014, majoring Music.
I’m a music assistant lecturer (piano and double bass), piano teacher, orchestra player, and also a fangirl of Hey! Say! JUMP and Arashi (LOL) – I wonder if fangirl is a kind of occupation XD
My bias in Hey! Say! JUMP is Chinen Yuri. But now, I like Yamada Ryosuke too!! I can’t choose one of them. They are too perfect to be together (it is just my opinion) (LOL). Of course my OTP is Yamachii.
My bias in Arashi is Sakurai Sho. I like his face and his voice.

My other hobbies are making handy craft, cooking and baking, singing, travelling, and so on.

I make this account because many my mutual friends in LJ move to DW..
Especially in Arashi and HSJ fandom.

Same as my LJ (sara_bassy92)
All of my DW posts consist of my private life and JUMP files.
I decided all my JUMP files are locked.
I’d like to tell you that I don’t have any subbed videos.

I start to make fan fiction, if you don’t like please don’t read it.

If you interest of my JUMP files, please leave a comment here and give a short introduction about yourself to be added.
I’d like to know who are you, who’s your name and where you come from.
I’d like to know which fans are you and who’s your bias.
I don’t want random people come and grab some of my videos without I don’t even know them.

Don’t spread my files’ links and passwords to anyone and anywhere. Just share my DW acc address. NO HOTLINK.

Don’t edit or claims my files as yours or re-upload my files anywhere.

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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 10)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9


Are you sure Yamada?
I must tell Yuto about it.

Yuto, Yamada want to do it.
It’s your turn
Good luck

What? Are you sure?

Yes. He wants to confirm it.

Does he know about me?

No. We will see both of them suffering, ne?

Honestly I don’t want to see Chinen cries again.

But we don’t have the other way.


“Yama-chan, if you want Chinen hates you, you must follow my instruction.”
“Hahaha…what should I do?”
“Don’t talk with her, don’t meet her, and also don’t say hello to her.”
“Baka Yamada. She will think you don’t care about her and you are mine, deshou?”
“Let’s go to cafeteria, we will meet Chinen.”
“Yes. It’s your first test”

At cafeteria

“Ah, Yuto! Chinen!”

“Yuto, I want to go to rooftop.”
“No..just sit here.. we never have meal together with them..”
“Why do we must have meal with them?”
“Because they are our friend…”
“I’m pass today..” Chinen stood up and went to rooftop

“Eh? Where is Chinen?”
“She went to rooftop.”
“I don’t know. I will accompany her. Ja~”

“See, Yama-chan. She hates you.”
“Yama-chan? Doushite?”
“Eh?? No.. Let’s eat”


Can I forget him?

*beep beep*
I will help you :)
I love you, Chi-chan



At the rooftop

I know that he is not mine.
But why he ignored me.
After all things he did to me.
Is it wrong if I like him? Is it wrong if I love him?

“I HATE HIM!!!!!”

Chinen cried again
“Eh?” Chinen shocked
“Don’t cry… Your face is ugly when you cry”
“Yuto? *sob* Why do you here?”
“To calm my imouto” Yuto smiled
“Yamada, right?”
“It is tears for Yamada, right?” Yuto wiped her tears
“It is tears for the stupid Chinen Yuri who taught that man like her because of his treatment to me”
“And the girl that I hugged right now is falling in love with that man, right?”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to answer me. But please forget that man if he just make you sad.”
“Thank you, Yuto”
“I love you, Chi-chan…”

Yuto kissed Chinen forehead

End of flashback

Thank you, Yuto

If you need something, just tell me okay?
If you want me to punch Yamada, it is okay too.

Don’t do anything to him.
It is not his fault, it is my fault.

See you tomorrow, Honey
Love you



Yosh!! Now I must tell Daiki

Daiki, I already take my move
It’s up to you from now.

*beep beep*
Okay. Thanks Yuto
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Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

At Yamada’s house

*knock knock*
“Dare? Who is coming now? It is already lare…”

Yamada opened the door

“Konbanwa, Yama-chan. How are you?”
“Good.. Come in, Dai-chan”

“I bet you are surprised when you opened the door, right?”
“….. un…. You said that you will back 2 weeks from now…”
“I think you must be happy Yama-chan..”
“I just surprised…”
“I want to ask something to you…. What is this?” Dai-chan gave some photos of Yamada and Chinen
“You can’t answer me, Yama-chan.”
“I want to explain it to you later, but you found it first.”
“You are cheating on me, Yama-chan….” Daiki cried..
“Dai-chan, please listen to me. I will explain it.”

The next day

“I’m off, Mom!”
“Be safe, Yuri!”

“No text from him, no call, and he seems make a distance to me.
Yuri!!!! He is already someone else, not yours!!!”

“Chi-chan!! Hahaha.. you are daydreaming again. What is wrong?”
“No-nothing… ohayou Yu-“ Chinen froze
“Nani? Hoii..Chi-chan..”

“Yamada and Daichan walked together…
Why I am sad…Yamada is hers…”

“Ohayou Yuto! Ohayou Chinen!”
“Ohayou Daiki!”
“Ohayou Chinen!”
“Eh…o-ohayou” Chinen bowed
“Gomen ne, Chi-chan seems not good these days… She keeps quiet and looks blank.”
“Hoi, Yuto!” Chinen pinched Yuto’s arm

Are you okay, Chi-chan…?”
 Yamada watched Chinen, Daiki realized it

“Yama-chan, we must hurry! I must go to toilet” Daiki pulled him

“Oi! Go to toilet by yourself, Daiki!” Yuto shout
“Eh, what’s wrong Chi-chan?”

Yuto heard someone is sobbing
Chinen couldn’t keep her tears

“He is Daichan’s, not mine”


Is she okay?
Yuto hugged her

“Yama-chan, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Daichan”
“Is Chinen again?”
“I believe you, Yama-chan.” Daiki kissed his cheek and patted his back.
“Daichan, can you help me?”
“I don’t want to see her again.”
“Are you serious?”
“Please make her hate me….”
“WHAT? She is your dance partner”
“Yes, I know.”
“Hontou ni, you are the most stupid person in the world, Yama-chan.”
“It’s because of you, Daichan.”
“HOI!! DON’T BLAME ME!” Daichan whacked him
“Please do anything you want according your plan, Daichan.”

Sorry for very late update...
I changed the plot of the story...because my friend's story is already end :(
And I wrote it in my practice room in university and someone in next door played "I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz"
Don't give up, Yamachii!!! hahaha
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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 8)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7


Valentine Day, huh?
When other people are busy with Valentine Day, making chocolate, dating, hang out…
I just playing drum in my house.
Bored? No…

Yamada-kun said that he will hang out with Chi-chan today.
I wonder where they are going to.
Yamada-kun looked so happy when he was talking about Chi-chan.
Is that love? Does Yamada-kun love Chi-chan?

Yamada-kun has been my best friend since 10th grade in senior high school.
Yes, Yamada-kun and his girlfriend.
But, I think they are not like in a relationship.

Daiki is the one who always in active side on that relationship.
She always do this and that, she is the one who always takes an initiative to do something.
Daiki is the one who always arrange the date; she is more like Yamada-kun’s manager…

Yamada-kun never talks about his relationship and about Daiki.
And because I’m Yamada-kun’s best friend, Daiki usually asks me about Yamada-kun.
She thought Yamada-kun told me something about his relationship or Daiki, but the fact is no.

*beep beep*
Yuto, are you hanging out with Yama-chan right now?


Uhm, no.
What’s happen?

I think Yama-chan is hanging out with you and Chinen-chan.
He told me that he will hang out with Chinen-chan today.

Oh, no…. Daiki knows it. Yamada-kun, you are too honest

*beep beep*
Yuto, can I call you now?
I want to talk about Yama-chan

Eh? How about we meet in the usual place? Is it okay?

Now I am not in Tokyo, Yuto.

Ah, okay.
I will call you.

Moshi-moshi, Daiki?

Moshi-moshi, Yuto

What’s happen? Is it about Yamada-kun?

Ne, Yuto. Did Yama-chan tell you something about me??


About Chinen-chan?


Please answer me, Yuto.
I’m not angry, and I will not angry.
He told something about Chinen-chan, right?


Ne, Yuto, what do you think about Yama-chan and Chinen-chan?

Eh? What do you mean?

I mean, uhmm, Yama-chan is getting closer with Chinen-chan.
What kind a relationship that they have?

Eh? Why do you ask me?

Honestly I’m tired with my relationship with Yama-chan.


I am the one who always active, he just respond and done.
Maybe it is my fault.
I confessed to him, he didn’t know about his feeling.
I didn’t think about him, I just did anything to get his attention.
I was happy when he responded me, but just it.
He always forgets our anniversary and my birthday.
I will not blame him if he loves Chinen-chan, because from the first I know, he doesn’t love me.

But he always says that he loves you, right?

For the first time I was happy when he said it.
But, now it is plain. It’s like just habit to say “I love you” to me.

I can’t give you an advice, Daiki.

Daijoubu, I just want to tell you.


Because you are Yama-chan best friend and you love Chinen-chan, right?


I know it, Yuto.

So, you tell me and want me to separate them?
Aaaa.. I understand…
So, is it okay for you? Really?
I don’t know I can do it or not.
Hope our plan will going smoothly.


“Otsukaresama, Sensei!”
“Before the end of our practice, I will announce a new couple in couple dance for next competition. Yamada-san and Chinen-san”
“Eh, watashi?”
“Yokatta ne, Chii-chan. We will dance together.”
“I have seen their practice on the weekend here, and it was amazing! It is a non-prepared dance, right Yamada-san?”

“Kya~ Chinen-san will dance with Yamada-san….”
“I am jealous… Why sensei didn’t choose me…”
The other girls in the club were jealous with Chinen, but they all admitted that Chinen is a good dancer and she is the one who can be paired with Yamada.

I don’t know, I must happy or not. The one that I know is my heart is pounding very hard now.”
“Chii-chan? Do you still here? Hoiiiii”
“Eh, gomen ne Yama-chan.”
“Ureshi ne, we will dance together. We can spend more time together than before.”

“Ne, I have heard a quote, maybe not a quote, maybe I can say it is a story from my senpai before. He said that the couple must become one and know each other, not just know each other in dance, but also the heart. Our heart must become one, Chii-chan. Could I get to know you more than before? Could I get closer to you?” Yamada held Chinen’s hands.
“Eh? Yama-chan….It is about the couple dance desho?”
“Uhm..Yes and no…”
“Let’s spend our time together……..” Yamada whispered.

“HAI, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!” Sensei finished the dance practice

“Eh? What did you say, Yama-chan?”
“Nothing….. Let’s go home together!” Yamada offered his hand to Chinen
“Our house are not near, Yama-chan. Not in the same way...”
“No, problem… Just like what I said before, I want to know you more. Would you mind if I take you home? We can talk more…”
“Why...why do I feel it is not for couple dance, Yama-chan?”
“Hahaha….” Yamada laughed and grabbed Chinen’s hand.

From that time, Yamada always took Chinen home.

Until one day…..

*beep beep*
Chii-chan, gomen ne.
I can’t take you home today.
Be safe, Chii-chan
See you tomorrow.

Daijoubu, Yama-chan
See you tomorrow.

Alone… Honestly I miss him...but who am I? He already had a girlfriend, and he spent his time almost with me. He said that Daiki know it and she supports him about the couple dance and to get closer with me for the couple dance. Maybe today he hangs out with Daiki.”

Chinen opened her locker
Eh? A letter? Who?”

Be safe and see you soon!
I’ll talk to you soon :)
Let me know when you are home
-Your super handsome dance partner-

“Yama-chan?! You’re so confident, Yama-chan.. Who says you are handsome, baka!” Chinen smiled.

“Yuto! You surprised me.”
“Ehm! Chi-chan was smiling when she read the letter…. Love letter?”
“No.. It’s not a love letter!!!”
“Are you sure? If that’s not a love letter, then show it to me.”
“It’s not your business Yuto!”

Yuto is taller and stronger than Chinen, of course, he is a man.
He took the letter from Chinen and read it.

“Huh? No name. Are you sure it is for you? ”
“Yeah, it is not a love letter….”
“Gomen, Chi-chan. It’s your letter”
“Arigatou… Ja, see you…”
“Chi-chan, could I take you home? You always hang out with Yamada-kun. I miss you…..” Yuto persuaded Chinen.
“Gomen ne Yuto. That is not I don’t want you to take me home. But, I want to go home alone.”
“I just want to be alone now.” Chinen smiled
“Gomen ne, do you still angry, Chi-chan?”
“No. Just want to be alone.”
“Okay, if you want it. See you tomorrow…”

As I thought, it’s from Yamada-kun. I must tell Daiki.

It is not I don’t want to walk with you, Yuto. But, honestly I miss Yama-chan, I’m afraid that you can know that I miss him. Do I love him? Do I like him? Is it wrong to like somebody that already has a girlfriend?

As I thought! I bored!! Hahaha..
So I update the new chapter.. Hope you like it :)
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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 7)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

“Table for two persons, please.”
“Indoor or outdoor?”
“Indoor but near the window.”

“Yama-chan, this café is expensive, isn’t it?”
“Hey, Yama-chan.”
“It’s okay…” Yamada smiled to her

“What do you want to eat, Chii-chan?”
“I don’t know. Too many choices.”
“Light or heavy meal?”
“Hmm…. How about you, Yama-chan?”
“Honestly, I just want to try the strawberry cake.”
“Yes… hahaha… How about we try the cake and after that we go to the ramen stall near here.”
“Yama-chan……. I can’t understand you… hahaha”
“So, 2 strawberry cakes?”
“Your eyes say it is not okay, Chii-chan….”

“2 strawberry cakes and 2 vanilla milkshakes, please”

What? Vanilla milkshake? How can he know it?


“Aaaa… It is the best strawberry cake!!! Give it try, Chii-chan.”
“Un…. Hmmmmm… delicious!!”
“Hontou!! I love it”

It was the first time Chinen saw another side of Yamada.
Yamada likes cake so much, his expression can’t lie.

“Hey! Don’t look at me like that, Chii-chan.”
“You are so cute, Yama-chan…..”
“And you falling with me~” sang Yamada

They continued to eat their cake and talked about their daily lives.
Yamada told about his family in Miyagi, but not a single word about Dai-chan

“Chii-chan, what colour do you like?”
“Just answer me.”
“I guess….pink….”
“Kawaii.. It suits you, Chii-chan…”
“Why do you ask, Yama-chan?”
“I want to give color in your contact and make it my favorite in my phone”
“So, what color does you like, Yama-chan?”
“Akai iro… Why?”
“Same like you… give color in your contact.”
“And make it your favorite?”

Yamada pinched Chinen’s cheeks.
Chinen pouted

Why Yama-chan? Why do I feel that you treat me like your girlfriend?

“Done? Let’s go to the ramen stall”
“Ok. Eh, the bill?”
“I already paid it.”
“Ne, Yama-chan, you always treated me.”
“Daijoubu… Thanks for accompany me today.”

Yamada grabbed Chinen’s hand and walked to the ramen stall.
They walked hand in hand like a couple.
Yamada smiled when he knew that Chinen didn’t let go of his hand.
I wish I can always hold your hand, Chii-chan

His hand fits with my hand perfectly….” Chinen blushed
She wanted to release her hand, but she couldn’t do it.

They entered the stall.

“Ah, Yamada-kun!” greeted the chef.
“It has been so long since the last time you visited this shop.”
“Eh…that’s true… The last time is when I was in junior high school…”
“You always came here after school”

“Yama-chan, you know him?”
“Yess…. The taste of his ramen always reminded me with my mother”
“Yamada-kun always said “It same like my mother’s ramen” and he gave me a very big smile”

“Who are you, cute girl? Are you Yamada-kun’s girlfriend?”
“She is my best friend, jii-chan”
“Hontou? If you love her, I think you should confess it to her, Yamada-kun... Or it become late, and she is already someone else’s”
“Urusai yo, jii-chan…”
“hahaha..hai..hai.. I will serve your favorite ramen… do you want one portion or two?”
“Honestly, I’m already full…”
“Okay, so one portion… You can try the ramen from my bowl, Chii-chan.”

Yabai… one bowl with Yama-chan… But, I’m already full if I take one bowl

They waited the ramen in silence.
No one talked…
The atmosphere became weird after the chef asked about their relationship…

“Here is your ramen, Yamada-kun”
“Arigatou, jii-chan”

“Do you want to try, Chii-chan”
“No.. Thanks..”
“Ojii-chan will cry if you don’t try it Chii-chan” Yamada persuaded her.

“Hora… Aaaaaaahh….” Yamada fed Chinen
Chinen opened her mouth, she didn’t have choice.

“Oishii desu yo?” Yamada asked Chinen

His face is too close…yabaii…” Chinen blushed

“Is it hot? Your face is red, Chii-chan”
“ Oishiiiiii~..”
“Do you want more?” Yamada wanted to feed Chinen again.

And Chinen opened her mouth again…

“Are you sure that she is not your girlfriend, Yamada-kun?”

Yamada just gave his smile.

“Why is your face so red, Chii-chan?”

Yama-chan wa BAKA!!!

“Yamada-kun…. Your face is too close with her!”

“Ahhh…. How if I do this?” Yamada embraced Chinen

“BAKAAA!!!” Chinen blushed hard and gave him a whack

“Hahaha.. Don’t tease her, Yamada-kun…”

“Hai..hai.. gomen ne, Chii-chan.. You are so cute, I can’t hold myself…”


“Thank you for today, Yama-chan”
“Hahaha.. Thank you for accompany me, Chii-chan.. Happy Valentine Day” Yamada hugged Chinen
“Eh, Ya-Yama-chan..”
“Nani?” Yamada released Chinen
“Iie… Happy Valentine Day and oyasumi..”
“Oyasumi, Chii-chan” he patted Chinen’s head

“Ja~, see you tomorrow at school”
“Safe drive, Yama-chan”

“Hm… my cute daughter has a boyfriend, ne?”
“Eh?? No… He is just my best friend… He already has a girlfriend…”

Chinen told her mother about Yamada

“Hm.. I see.. I have a quote for you, Yuri”
“Mom has read it….. If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”
“Sent this quote to him.. And you will see what will happen..”
“Mom…enough…” Chinen blushed
“Maybe you can ask about his girlfriend… and you will find something..”
“I don’t want to talk about him…”
“You love him, ne? Yuri….. For your information, I will support you”
“Now, go to sleep..and have a nice dream..tomorrow you will meet him again, right?”
“Oyasumi, Mom.”

*beep beep*
I have arrived home safely..haha
Now I want to take a bath and then sleep..
Thanks for today, Chii-chan
See you tomorrow, Yu-ri :)

Chinen blushed when she read it.
She remembered what her mom said before.

Does he love me?”

Thanks, Yama-chan
It’s already late; don’t soak too long on your bath tub! :p
Oyasumi, Yama-chan

*beep beep*
Wow..You know that I always soak in my bath tub…
Are you sure you don’t put CCTV in my bathroom?? :p

Yes! I put CCTV on your bathroom!!
I’m going to bed now..

*beep beep*
by the way, why you didn't return my hug before?


*beep beep*
I know you are still awake hahaha
Forget my last message
Oyasumi :)

AAAAAAA.....I don't know what I has written....
Edited and edited again...
Now I think it is to much doki-doki moment...gomennnn >.<
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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 6)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5


*beep beep*
A message?

Hey, Chii-chan.
Do you have any plan tomorrow?

Hi, Yama-chan
Tomorrow maybe I will practice dance at school

Great! See you tomorrow!
Aaah, do you have any plan tomorrow night?
Would you mind to dinner with me?

Eh? You will go to school tomorrow?!
Hey, Yama-chan, tomorrow is Valentine Day.
Go with your girlfriend! I’m not your girlfriend!

I think I already told you that Dai-chan is not here.
Please accompany me *puppy eyes*

So, I’m Dai-chan’s substitute??
Your puppy eyes can’t make me agree to dinner with you xP

What will you do if I say I’m already in front of your house with my puppy eyes?

Yabai! Yama-chan is here?!?!

*ring ring*
Eh? Yama-chan’s calling



But please don’t disturb my dance practice tomorrow!!!

Oya~chuu~mi Chii-chaaaannn

Yamada Ryosuke….
I wonder, if you didn’t have girlfriend………….
Arrrghhhh..yabai..yabai…don’t think about that Chinen Yuri!!!



Valentine Day

Chinen was practicing alone in the gymnasium hall.
Someone was watching her from the distance.

“What time is it?” Chinen opened her mobile phone
“A message? I didn’t hear haha…”

Happy practicing!
I will wait for you (and watching you) :)

Chinen looked for Yamada and she found him near the door.
Yamada waved his hand.

“Yama-chan, why do you stand here? You can sit there.”
“Who did warn me to…….”
“Hai…hai… please sit Yamada-san”
“Do you want to try couple dance, Chii-chan?”
“Eh? With?”
“Hello!!! I am in the same club as you, Chii-chan.”
“Haha, gomen…”

Yamada held Chinen’s hand and started to dance.
Chinen just followed him; Yamada was the one who led her.

Our closeness…yabai…I can feel his breath and heartbeat..YABAIIIII

She is so cute…her dark orbs, her smile…Her movement is very light… she can follow me…

They didn’t realize that someone was watching them…
“Hmm… They are the best couple in this club….”


“For what?”
“For gave me an opportunity to dance with the most popular dancer in the club.” Yamada smiled to her
“Yama-chan….enough… hahaha... the most popular dancer is you!!”
“Who do make all girls scream when he dance?”
“I don’t know.”
“Baka! Hahahaha”

“Let’s go, Chii-chan!”
“Dinner!! I want to try one café at Shibuya…”
“You don’t like café?”
“You didn’t give respond when I said I want to try one café”
“Gomen…. I just….”
“Wait here… I want to buy something” Yamada blinked
“Just sit here” Yamada asked Chinen to sit at the park bench

Chinen sat at the bench and she looked deep in thought.

Yama-chan is so kind to me… I never see him with other girl besides Dai-chan…

“Eh, gomen… Did I make you shock? I just blew your ear, Chii-chan”
“No.. I’m not shock…..”
“Wh-why did you blow my ear?”
“You are so cute when you are thinking hard, Chii-chan. Hora.. this is for you!”
“Vanilla ice cream?”
“You don’t like it, Chii-chan?”
“Why did you buy vanilla flavor?”
“Because vanilla reminds me to you”
“If you don’t like, don’t eat. Just tell me what flavor do you like.”

Chinen ate the vanilla ice cream
“Love it”
“I love vanilla, Yama-chan.” Chinen gave him a big smile
“Yokatta…” Yamada smiled again

I think I am getting to know you, Chii-chan. I want to get closer to you, hear your voice, watch your dance…. I will never make you sad

“Eat it slowly, Chii-chan.” Yamada caressed Chinen’s back
“Good girl!!” Yamada patted her head.


“Yama-chan, arigatou ne.”
“Arigatou for the ice cream”
“Hahaha..douitashimasite, Chii-chan.”
“Eh, what are you doing? Move to left side, before you just moved to my right side”
“Because there are cars from left, I move to your left side... You will be safe because I will get hit from the car first if the car hit us..”

He is protecting me from cars?

I will protect you, Chii-chan

I just added a scene in this friend just told me a doki-doki moment that she experienced and I added it in this chapter...
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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 5)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chinen POV
*beep beep*
a message?

Chinen-chan, arigatou ne.

I am the one who must say thank you.
You taught me to make cake, you cooked gyoza for me.

Thanks for letting me taught you to make a cake :p
Thanks for letting me cooked for you

Good night, Chii-chan.
Sweet dream and see you tomorrow.
By the way, I am happy today :)

Oyasumi, Yamada-kun.
See you :)

Eh, he knows my phone number? What?!? Chii-chan? He calls me Chii-chan?!?

The next morning…

Arghhh…who is calling me in the morning?!?
I still want to sleep…

Moshi-moshi, who is this?
You don’t save my number, Chii-chan?
Hah?! You called me “Chii-chan” last night. I know your voice, Yamada-kun
No, Ryosuke… call me “Ryosuke”
Heh? Why I must call you Ryosuke?!, we are not close you know!
Just call me Ryosuke, please.
Please Yuri…

*deg* what?! He calls me “Yuri”?

Moshi-moshi… Chinen-chan?
Just kidding..haha
Why do you call me in the morning…?
I miss you.. Haha.. I want to hear your voice.. See you at school

End of POV

“Ohayougozaimasu, Chi-chan!”
“Ohayou, Yuto-kun!”
“Eh, how was yesterday? Did Yamada do something to you?”
“Hah? What do you mean?”
“Yes, it was just two of you… what did he do?”
“Aaaa.. HE MADE GYOZA!!!!! I wonder how he knows that I like gyoza.”
“Do you want to know?”
“Eh? You know? Did Yamada tell you something?”
“YOUR FACE IS LIKE GYOZA” Yuto run as fast as possible to avoid Chinen’s whack.

Chinen almost fell down and somebody catched her.

“Chii-chan, don’t run. You can fall you know. Daijoubu ka?”
“Eh? Gomen…..Ya-ya-yamada-kun?”
“Be careful next time, ok?” Yamada patted Chinen’s head

Nothing changed and nothing happened after that.
It was like normal, but Chinen always thought about Yamada and Yamada also thought about Chinen.


At the night,

Why I always think about him?
Yuri..Yuri.. Okay, please don’t think about him..

*beep beep*
I’m going to bed :)
Have a good night Chi-chan, and rest well

Yamada-kun? Hm…

Wish you a good night, Yamada-kun

And he always text me when I think about him…
Is he thinking about me too??


What is she doing right now?
She is too innocent and cute.
I hope I can spend more time with her., you have Dai-chan
But the feeling is different

I will text her…
Hope she hasn’t slept

I’m going to bed :)
Have a good night Chi-chan, and rest well

*beep beep*
Wish you a good night, Yamada-kun

Yabai, I miss her voice so much
I can’t sleep

Chi-chan, can I call you now?

*beep beep*
Call? Ah, yes.




Chi-chan, what is your plan on this weekend?

Nothing, maybe I will do my homework, study, and practice

If you need help, let me know

Arigatou, Yamada-kun

Eh, you just do that on Valentine Day?

Eh? Aaa.. This Sunday is February 14th.

How about we practice couple dance at school?

Eh? You not celebrate it with your girlfriend….?

Dai-chan? Dai-chan is not here until next week.


It’s okay. I have you to hangout right?

Yamada-kun, did you said that you are going to sleep now?

Aahh… Okay, I’m going to bed now. Oyasumi, Chi-chan. I miss you....

O-o-oyasumi, Yamada-kun

Please call me Yama-chan

Aaaa, oyasumi Yama-chan


Honestly I love his voice, it’s so warm and deep..

Why did he call me?? Hmmmm
He said that he missed me?!?


And from that time, Yamada always text and call Chinen every night and every morning.
It became habit.
They were getting closer and closer.

1. does Yamada love Chinen?
2. does Chinen like Yamada? or love?

New chapter!! YEY!
But I think it is the shortest and worst chapter..
It seems like I want to finish it quickly...hahaha..gomen..
Now I am in the middle of rehearsal..dinner time..but I decided to post this chapter...
I become more exciting to post the next chapter..
please comment if you read it :)
Sorry for bad English
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Thank you to all of you who read my fanfic "He is Someone Else's, Not Mine"

Honestly, I confused how to finish this FF, because in the real life, the story hasn't finished yet.
I have made a draft, there will be around 15-20 chapters, but I just finished the chapter 8...
I don't know when I will post it, because sometimes I still want to change the plot...

Sorry for bad English, hope you can understand the FF..hahaha

I try to update as soon as possible..
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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 4)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

“We will do our best, Chinen-chan!”

That was the time for Chinen and Takaki to danced

Is he watching me? Where is he?

Chinen saw Yamada was smiling to her.

He watches me all the time, huh?


“Congratulations, Takaki-san, Chinen-san. Although you can’t get the first place, both of you already gave your best ne?”
“Arigatou, Sensei”

“Hoi, Takaki-kun, omedetou!”
“Arigatou, Yamada-kun.”
“Omedetou, Chinen-chan!” Yamada smiles
“Arigatou, Yamada-kun.”

“Gomen, I’m late. I couldn’t watch you, guys”
“Daijoubu, Yuto. But, what are you doing here? The competition already finished.”
“Pick up Chinen-chan… She asks me to teach her to cook for home economics class exam… So we’ll cook at my home.”
“Yuto!!! SShhhh!!”
“You can’t cook? You are girl, Chinen-chan.”
Chinen pouted.

“Yamada-kun, don’t tease Chinen-chan.”
“I’m not teasing her. You said about it and I want to confirm”
“Ehm!! I think both of you are teasing Chinen-chan, you know?!?” said Takaki.

“Gomenne, Chinen-chan”
“Hahahahahaha, daijoubu Yamada-kun. Chinen will not angry to us.”
“I will angry to Yuto-kun! Only to Yuto-kun.”
“Why me?”
“You are the one who start it, you know!”
“See, Yamada-kun! Chinen-chan is not angry to you.” Yuto hugged Chinen
“Hahahaha, release me, Yuto-kun”

“Chinen-chan, why do you ask Yuto-kun to teach you? Better you ask Yamada-kun. He is the great chef in the school!”
“Ssshhh!! I’m not a chef for your information, Takaki-kun.”
“Aa, hontou! Chinen-chan! Yamada-kun is good for cooking, better you learn with him.”
“I will be happy if you accept me to teach you, Chinen-chan.” Yamada smiles

What? After stare me all the time, now he want to teach me?! And he hugged me before….

“What do you want to cook, Chinen-chan?”
“Actually not cook, but make… Make a cake…”
“Yamada-kun’s cake is so good, you know! I think better Yamada-kun teach you to make a cake.”

Chinen gave her glare to Yuto

“Aa, I will accompany you. Maybe I can help to wash the dishes.”
“Because I just wash the dishes, maybe we can make a cake in Chinen’s house.”

“Mina, I’m off.”
“Hai.. See you, Takaki-kun.”
At Chinen’s house

“Do you live alone?”
“No, I don’t Yamada-kun. I live with my parents, but they always come late.”

Yuto watched Chinen and Yamada, and smiled.
This is the first time I see Yamada-kun like this. Maybe you already found her, Yamada-kun.

“Chinen-chan, gomen.”
“Eh, nani? What’s happen Yuto-kun?”
“My mother asks me to help her. So, I must go home now.”
“Daijoubu, Yamada-kun is a nice person. If he does something bad, I will come here as soon as possible. Bye..”

“So, you think I’m a bad guy, huh?”
“Eh? Ano… Sorry Yamada-kun… But I don’t know about you, this is the first time…….”
“Hahaha.. just kidding..” Yamada smiles again

Only two of us…. Argh…..” Chinen didn’t know what to do

“Chinen-chan…let’s start now!”
“Eh?” Chinen blushed
“What are you thinking? We are going to start to make a cake…… How about fruit cake? Do you have strawberry?”

Chinen couldn’t answer. She freezed at the moment when she looked Yamada’s eyes.

“Chinen-chan, do you still here?”
“Aaa… gomen, what? Eh? Strawberry? Wait… I think I have.”

And they started to bake a cake…
The atmosphere at kitchen was very strange. They both looked awkward.
Chinen wanted to talk, but she couldn’t find topics to talk. Yamada also wanted to talk.
And finally, Yamada broke the silence.
He put flour on Chinen cheeks, Chinen shouted, Yamada laughed, and Chinen run to “save” herself.

“Yamada-kun! Stop! Time out!”
“Finally you said something to me!”
“Chinen-chan, don’t you know the atmosphere at kitchen is very strange… Both of us keep silent…”
“Let’s break the silent! Hahahaha”
“Hey! We are supposed to make a cake, not to play, Yamada-kun!”
“Hai” Yamada blinked


“Bake it in 15 minutes. Do you hungry, Chinen-chan?” Yamada laid his body in the sofa
“We can eat the cake right?”
“But we must wait around 30 minutes. Are you sure? How about I cook dinner for you, it’s already 6pm. Better we make the dinner while waiting the cake.”
“Is it ok to you if I borrow your kitchen one more time?”
“Hoooii! Chinen-chan!?”
“What do you want to eat? Heavy meal or light meal?”
“Up to you, Yamada-kun”
“Wait here, ok?” Yamada patted Chinen’s head who was sitting on the floor beside the sofa

Yamada smiled to Chinen and go to the kitchen.

HEH?! HE PATS MY HEAD?!?” Chinen touched her head and blushed again.

At the kitchen

“Hm.. What should I make for her?”
“Eh? Gyoza?” Yamada saw a paper on the refrigerator door
“I wonder if she likes gyoza…..”


“Yamada-kun, what are you cooking? It smells good…” Chinen peeked to the kitchen.
“Please wait in the living room, Chinen-chan…” Yamada smiled to Chinen
“Anoo.. the cake?”
“It already done. Just wait there, ok? Or I will not teach you again..”
“Hoi! Yamada-kun! IT IS MY HOUSE!”
“I know! I know! Just wait please”

Chinen pouted and went back to the living room

“Hai… I just wondered if you like gyoza, I saw the paper in the refrigerator door. You like it, don’t you?”
“Chinen-chan, why do you look so blank today?”
“Haha.. I just think about something.”

“Why do you make gyoza, Yamada-kun… I LOVE IT SO MUCH…”

“Give it try, Chinen-chan”
“Hai.. itadakimasu”

“How is it, Chinen-chan?”
“Try it, Yamada-kun!! Hontou ni umai!!”
“Yokatta.. Actually I didn’t follow the instruction on the recipe. I make it like I always make it at home”
“Do you always make gyoza?”
“Yes, in my hometown… But now, I never make it in Tokyo… I live alone, sometimes I get my lunch in Dai-chan’s house, but I never cook gyoza in her house.”
“Yamada-kun, can you write down the ingredients? So I can ask my mom to make it.”
“Why do you ask your mom? I can always make gyoza for you… or we can make it together.” Yamada smiled.
“Anything I will do for you, Chinen-chan”

Yabai” Chinen blushed

Sorry for very late update...I think I could make it on Valentine's day..but, the story is not finish yet...
Still many moment to write....
And I will busy -very busy- until April...
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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Chapter 3)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama, Takachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experience haha... Just some part, not all...
Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it...

Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2

1 week before the couple dance competition

Yamada is still upset because sensei didn’t choose him for the competition.

“Hoi, Yamada!”
“For what?”
“Sensei chose me. I know you are very upset because of that.”
“You are upset because you didn’t choose for the competition OR because you can’t dance with Chinen-san?”
“Do not lie, Yamada… I know you always stare Chinen-chan all the time in dance club…”
“Why do you do that, Yamada? Chinen-chan knows it. She asked me.”
“She is interesting… I like to see her…”
“Does Daiki-san know about it?”
“I think no…”
“Just approach Chinen-san, she is very smart and kind… I have known her since Junior High School…”

Takaki and Chinen practice every day for the competition.
And one day before the competition, they perform in front of dance club’s members.

“Great job, Takaki-kun, Chinen-chan!! Good luck for tomorrow!!”
“Arigatou minasan!”

“Chinen-chan, have a good rest! See you tomorrow! Ja…”
“Hai! Have a good rest too, Takaki-san”

Tomorrow is the day! Wish me luck…
Chinen is packing her stuff, and ……

“Eh… What is that? ID card?”
Chinen took the card, “Yamada Ryosuke’s?”
Eh? I must return it to him… How can I tell him about it?

“Moshi-moshi, Yuto-kun…. I found Yamada-kun’s ID card…. I want to tell him….”
I will tell him, and I will contact you later.
“Aa, thank you, Yuto-kun.”

Yamada POV

A call? Who is calling me this time? Yuto?

Moshi-moshi, what’s happen Yuto-kun?
My ID card? Wait…
You must know something about it… RETURN MY ID CARD!!
Eh? Chinen-chan??
So, my ID card is with her? Or?
Aaa, I see. Please tell her, I will come to her competition tomorrow.
Thank you Yuto!

Tomorrow, ne?
It will be the first time I talk to her and she knows I always stare at her.

Chinen POV

Moshi-moshi Yuto-kun.
So, Yamada-kun will come tomorrow. So I return it tomorrow.
Thank you Yuto-kun.

Know I know why you so popular, Yamada-kun.
You are a good looking guy, with chubby cheeks.
Are you sure, this photo is a photo of senior high school student?
You look like a junior high school student, you know???

end of POV

The Competition Day

“Good luck Takaki-san, Chinen-san!”
“Arigatou mina!”

“Takaki-san, do you see Yamada-kun?”
“Eh, Yamada-kun? No, why?”
“He left his ID card, I found it, he said he will come today and I want to give it to him.”
“Oh… just wait. I think he won’t forget to pick it from you.”

Few minutes later

“Ah, Yamada-kun. Alone? Where is Daiki-chan?”
“She can’t come today. She must prepare for the scholarship test.”
“Ah, I see.”

“Hai, Chinen-chan.”
“Ano, it is your ID card.”
“Ah, arigatou Chinen-chan. And good luck for competition! I will support you from the audience place!”
Suddenly Yamada gives Chinen a big hug.

Chinen freeze, the time stops for her.
She can smell his scent and feel the warmth of his body.

“EHM! Hey! Yamada-kun.”

Yamada releases Chinen and smiles
“Good luck!”

“Yoo Takaki! Good luck!”
Yamada pats Takaki’s shoulder.

He just hugged me? For what? Because I found his ID card and give it to him? Is it a hug to support me? I still can feel his warmth…HEH?!? forget it, Chinen!!! Focus, focus, focus to the competition!
Chinen blushes when she remembers about the hug.

Quick update...
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But...... always have a new from my friend..
So it seems like I can't decide how many chapters it will be...
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Title: He’s Someone Else’s, Not Mine (Chapter 2)
Author: me
Pairing: Ariyama
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary:  -I don’t want to post :p-
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend’s experience – just some part, not all..
Sorry for bad English

Prologue Chapter 1

“Ne, Dai-chan. Are you sure you will go to England?”
Yamada caressing her cheeks while cuddling in sofa.

“Ano, I am still not sure about that.”
“I think you should go. You get a scholarship there.”
“But I don’t want to leave you, Yama-chan.”

“Daijoubu janai. Look! You always keep your problems, you always thinking deeply until you forget to eat and can’t sleep. I am the one who always reminds you.”
“I don’t want become a burden for you.”
“Nee, who am I for you? Do you still consider me as your girlfriend Yama-chan? You are my boyfriend; you never become a burden for me”
“But the scholarship….”
“Daijoubu, it just scholarship. I can look for the other scholarship in Tokyo. I already decided it with my family. I won’t go to England.”

Yamada and (Arioka) Daiki already dating for 3 years, since Junior High School.
Their first meeting was 4 years ago, in the Junior High School in Tokyo.
Yamada just moved from Miyagi that time, his family send him to Tokyo to school in the famous and good school.
One day he met Daiki when he was depressing about his studies.
Yamada always give 100% of himself if he doing something, it also happens in study. He always forgets to eat if there will be a test on the next day, and he can’t sleep.
Yamada had been hospitalized because of “that habit” and Daiki is the one who take care of him.
Daiki’s father is a doctor in that hospital
Yamada always feel he is a burden to Daiki.
Daiki always help him and take care of him.

Daiki often invites Yamada for dinner in her house, because Yamada live alone.
Because of that Yamada often cooks in Daiki’s house, he want to “pay” her kindness.
Day by day, month by month, slowly, without realizing, both of them are getting closer until one day Daiki said those words to Yamada…

First, Yamada was confused because of that. He couldn’t give the answer.
He knew that he thanked to Daiki, but he didn’t know his feeling.
Daiki waited for him patiently, and one day Yamada told her about his feeling.
“I like you, but I don’t know it is love or not.”

And after that they are dating, although Yamada is not sure about his feeling until now.
No one knows Yamada’s real feelings to Daiki.
They look perfect each other, but sometime we can find the coldness of Yamada towards Daiki.

“Gouchisousamadeshita. Arigatou, Arioka-san. I always take my dinner here.”
“No problems, Yamada-kun. You always help me to prepare dinner.”
“Ne, Kaa-san, Yama-chan is a very good chef right?”
“Yes of course! You always cook at your home in Miyagi?”
“Yes, I like cooking because I like eat. My mother always asks me to help her because I eat a lot. Haha”

“It’s getting late, I must go home now. Arigatou, Arioka-san”

“Arigatou Dai-chan. Have a good night. See you tomorrow at school.”
“Eh? You can’t pick me up?”
“Gomen, Dai-chan. I must go early tomorrow, I want to practice.”
Yamada kisses Daiki’s forehand
“Good night.”
“Good night Yama-chan” at least he didn’t forget to give a good night kiss

Maybe Daiki know Yamada’s feeling towards her, but she ignores it.
This kind of situation already happened since their first day of dating.
But Yamada said he never dated before, and it’s true.
Yamada is a good looking guy but he never dated before Daiki? It is strange.
Yamada is very picky in having a friend.
In Horikoshi, his girl friend just Daiki, although many girls falling for him.
He just sent a glare if the girls scream when he walk in the cafeteria.


Yamada POV


I’m tired maybe I can sleep early today after cleaning…
I want to practice tomorrow morning…

Kaa-san, Tou-san, Nee-chan, I miss you. It’s very lonely here.
I feel guilty, I know Dai-chan loves me and I still don’t know about my feeling.
What is love, Kaa-san, Tou-san, Nee-chan? Do I falling for her?

Thanks for reading!
I hope I can finish it on the Valentine's day haha..
But still struggle with the ending...

We know something about relationship between Yamada and Daiki...fufufufu~
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Title: He’s Someone Else’s, Not Mine (Chapter 1)
Author: me
Pairing: Nakachii, Ariyama, Yamachii
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: -I don’t want to post :p-
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend’s experience – just some part, not all..
Sorry for bad English


“Chi-chan! Gomen, I am late. The rehearsal was extended because next month we will have band competition.”
“Daijoubu, Yuto-kun. Eto, your class is 2D, right? Do you know about Yamada-kun?”
“Heh? Do you mean Yamada Ryosuke?”
“Yes… Do you know him?”
“Yes… Why? Did he do something bad to you?”
“No, I am just curious about him. I felt that he stared me all the time in dance club.”
“Hontou? He is a nice person for your information. Maybe he amazed with your dance, Chi. You are a good dancer.”
“I will tell you while walking home”

Flashback – Chinen POV
Eh, I felt someone is watching me. But who?
I was looking around while dancing and our eyes met.


He smiled to me.

Ah, Yuto’s friend.
I replied him with smile and continued to dance.

“Chinen-san, you will be pairing with Takaki-kun for couple dance.”

Takaki is my senior; he is in 11th grade right now.
I already know him from Junior High School. We had competition together on that time.

Still… I still felt someone is watching me…

Music started and I danced with Takaki-kun…

Still, I could feel the eyes were watching me…
I looked around, and I found him again… Our eyes met for the second time…

“Takaki-san, who is that?”
“He is Yamada-kun, from 2D. He is the most popular guy in this school. You don’t know about it?!?!”
“Aaaaa… No…”
“Chinen-san... All girls in this school know about him.”
“Hontou? I don’t know”
“Yeah, only you don’t know about him. Why do you ask about him? That guy is good looking right?”
“Mm… just curious… Aaaa, gomen, I will go first. Yuto-kun is waiting for me.”

End of flashback

“Ow, so he watched you all the time… Mmm… Actually, this morning he asked about you.”
“He asked whether you are my girlfriend or not”
“And you say?”
“Maybe you can say you are my boyfriend, so he won’t stare me all the time”
“So you want it?”
“Want me to become your boyfriend.”
“Hahaha… You already know that I don’t want to have any relationship like that until I graduate, right. Ja, Yuto, thanks for accompany me walking.”
“You’re welcome Chi”


In Daiki’s house




“Hai! Dai-chan, you always make me shock.”
“You didn’t hear me when I called you about three times!”
“Eh, sorry.”
“What are you thinking about? You seems thinking so hard, so you didn’t hear be before.”
“Is it about Takaki-kun?”
“I know you, Yama-chan.”

Flashback – Yamada POV
2 weeks ago

“Yamada-kun, our school can’t go to couple dance competition. All the girls are 12th grade, they can’t join the competition. You don’t have partner to dance.”
“Takaki-san, I know that someone in 10th grade is a good dancer. She is friend of Yuto-kun.”
“Who is her name?”
“Chinen Yuri”
“Chinen-san? But, she is prohibited to participate. At least, she had been a member for six months in this club.”

Before dance club started today
“I will announce an important thing. We will join the competition. We will sent “one couple”, Takaki-san and Chinen-san”

What? Chinen? Takaki said the freshmen students are prohibited…
Why Takaki? Not me? From the first time, Sensei always prepares me. But now she changes it to Takaki?!?!

End of flashback

“Maybe Sensei has another prespective, and she choose Takaki for some reasons”
Daiki hugs Yamada, and caressing his back

“Maybe… arigatou, Dai-chan… Thank you for always besides me.”
"Douitashimashite, Yama-chan."

Hint of Takachii??
Yamada is jealous about competition or Chinen?
Why did Yamada ask about Chinen?
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Most of all - no, but ALL - of my fanfics is Yamachii pairing..
Sorry, if I make girl Chinen (or maybe I can make girl Yamada), because it is very strange for me to write BL...
But if the genre just friendship, I can write both of them are man :p


He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (on going) *girl Chinen
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15

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I just share the RAW
Sorry for late update, I don't have unlimited internet :(
So, I just upload (and download) in the office and when I don't have any works to do.

Basically I can upload when the students get their semester break or holiday (around last November, May, and August)...

1. Making of Assassination Classroom 2015
2. Making of Kindaichi 2014 (Malaysia)
3. Making and Unpublished Scene of Grasshopper
4. Making of Kindaichi Neo
5. Making of Maji Sunshine PV
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Title: He's Someone Else's, Not Mine (Prologue)
Author: me :)
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Ariyama
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: - I don't want to post :p -
Warning: girl Chinen and Daiki

Basically, this story is adapted from my friend's experince haha.. Just some part, not all.. And this is my first fanfic that I post in my LJ.. Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand it..

Chinen Yuri is a fresh year student in Horikoshi Senior High School. She is a very cute and smart girl, she always get the perfect score but she is weak in the home economics subject. She hate's cook. She prefers to buy than make it.

"Ohayo Chi-chan!"
"Ohayo Yuto! Eh, what is that?"
"This? Oh.. This is drum sticks."
"Hah? You join the music club right?"
"Yes! And Chi-chan??"
"Dance club"
"Wowww.. Sugoi ne.. I want to see you dance, Chi!"
"Hahaha.. You already watched it since I was 12 years old!"

Nakajima Yuto is Chinen's bestfriend. He is a year older than Chinen. Many people think they are in the relationship, but Chinen always say no. Yuto is her bestfriend, more like her big brother who always protect her.

"Ah, I will go to the library first, Yuto. I forget to return the book yesterday! See you after school"
"Ah, ok. I will go first. See you!"

Yuto smiles while watching her.

"Eh.. Yamada-kun! You've shocked me."
"Hahaha, your girlfriend?"
"No. My imouto."
"I know..." Yamada blinks to Yuto

"Hoi, Dai-chan!"
"You left me again!"
"Gomen.. I saw Yuto and want to ask something to him"
"Don't say you just found that Chinen Yuri is more cute than me and you want to know about her so you--"
"No! You are the most cute girl in my life." Yamada cuts her.
"I love you" Yamada whispered

"Ehm! Ehm!"
"Gomen Yuto" Daiki blushed
"Ja, let's go to class"

Many pairings.. Nakachii, Ariyama, and a little Yamachii
Who knows why Yamada is asking about Chinen to Yuto
sara_bassy92: (chii)
I will translate this post to Indonesian Language and will not add my own opinions. I will put my opinion in the very end of this post.
Saya menerjemahkan post ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia tanpa menambahkan opini pribadi saya. Saya akan menambahkan opini pribadi saya pada akhir post ini (tidak dalam terjemahan).

credit: [ profile] jdramafreak01

if you want to read the English and Japanese post, please open her LJ
I just translate it to Indonesian Language.

DISCLAIMER (I know this post is already too long, but I feel like the need to add this in after a lot of people misunderstood my purpose of this post)

Saya tidak dapat menjamin bahwa informasi ini 100% terpecaya dan mengenai hal yang terjadi di belakang panggung mungkin TIDAK benar. Saya hanya menerjemahkannya dan itu berarti saya tidak membuat post ini sendiri. Maka saya tidak dapat menjamin segala sesuatu dari post yang asli 100% benar. Namun hal ini tidak mengubah kenyataan bahwa fans sekarang ini memiliki etiket yang sangat buruk dan jangan mengambil kesimpulan yang salah. Mungkin banyak yang terlihat seperti kebohongan, terutama sebagai fans dan karena info ini tidak tersebar, tapi ini pilihan kalian untuk percaya atau tidak. Meskipun ini tidak benar, idol juga manusia dan mempunyai perasaan seperti kita, dan kelakuan ini tidak dapat diterima oleh setiap manusia. Tidak perlu malu untuk membaca post ini, dan saya tidak memaksa kalian untuk melakukan sesuatu.

I cannot guarantee that this information comes from somewhere that is 100% reliable and regarding the stuff that happened at backstage and such may NOT be true. I just translated it so it also means I did not write this post myself. So, I cannot gurantee that the stuff from the original post or this article is 100% true. However, this doesn't change the fact that the fans are very bad mannered and don't take this the wrong approach. A lot of this may sound fake to you, especially as fans and especially because most of this info hasn't been going around, but it is up to you to believe. Though, even if this isn't true, idols are humans too and have feelings like all of you done, and this behavior is not acceptable toward any human. There's no shame in reading it and I'm not forcing you to do anything okay?


Hi guys! Ini adalah post yang lain tentang etiket buruk para fans Hey! Say! JUMP dan saya menemukannya di timeline LINE saya dan hal ini sangat mengecewakan. Dalam post ini terdapat beberapa detail dari post saya pada musim panas, tapi dengan detail yang lebih dari hal yang terjadi dahulu saat Ryutaro keluar dari JUMP. Saya merasa senang apabila kalian menyebarkan informasi ini. Harap hal ini bukan menjadi hal yang disepelekan terutama bagi fans Johnnys’ dan siapapun yang menonton konser. Tingkah laku saat konser yang seperti ini tidak dapat diterima dimanapun dan seharusnya segera dihentikan. Saya akan menyertakan post tersebut, tapi terjemahan akan ditulis terlebih dahulu.

Hi guys! This is another post of JUMP fans' bad manners and I found this on my LINE timeline and it was very disappointing. This one includes some details from the one I posted during the summer, but with more detail and more stuff from the past when Ryutaro first quit. I'd be glad if you share this even copy and paste it in whichever language, but this isn't something to ignore especially all Johnny's fans or anyone that goes to concerts. This behavior at concerts should not be allowed anywhere and should be stopped immediately. I will include the post, but the translation comes first!



Post ini panjang.

Post ini bukanlah sebuah novel.

Sekarang ini, etiket para Tobikko saat menonton konser secara langsung sangatlah buruk, bahkan semakin memburuk.

Para member HSJ adalah orang-orang yang paling merasa sedih dan kecewa karena hal ini.

Isi dari post yang saya tulis ini adalah hal yang benar-benar terjadi, dan pemilik dari akun aplikasi ini mengatakan bahwa cerita tersebut ia dengar dari seseorang yang mengenal teman dekat dari Yamada Ryosuke. Cerita ini sangat mengejutkan, maka pemilik akun tersebut menceritakan hal ini agar semua Tobikko mengetahuinya.

Pemilik akun ini berharap agar hal ini disebarluaskan, maka saya ingin setiap dari kita yang mengetahui cerita dibalik ini dan saya akan menuliskannya di sini.

Jika kamu adalah Tobikko, saya yakin kamu akan terkejut. Saya berharap kalian mempersiapkan metal untuk membaca cerita ini.

Pada waktu Asia Tour

Terjadi setelah sesi latihan berakhir.

: *menghela nafas*

: Yamada, berhentilah menghela nafas

Chinen: Aku takut. Apa yang harus aku lakukan bila ada uchiwa yang aneh-aneh lagi..

Arioka: Tenang saja.

Ketegangan setelah sesi latihan.

Sebuah kata yang diucapkan oleh Chinen, “takut”

Itulah apa yang sebenarnya dipikirkan para member terhadap fans.

Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi?

Hal ini terjadi pada SUMMARY 2011

Customer: Kembalikan Ryutaro!

Customer: Kami tidak butuh Yamada! Kembalikan Ryutaro!

Kata-kata tersebut tertulis di uchiwa

Selain itu

Customer (uchiwa): Chinen mati

Customer (uchiwa): Takaki-kun, sekalinya teman, kalian tetap teman selamanya bukan?

Pada waktu itu, Yamada dan Chinen duduk dibangku sekolah menengah atas.

Kata-kata yang dilontarkan pada kedua anak itu terlalu kasar.

Takaki menemukan fans yang memegang perkataannya yang terkenal.

Yamada menunjukkan ekspresi sedih.

Chinen tertawa pahit.

Nakajima, Arioka, Inoo, Okamoto, Yabu, dan Yaotome meminta maaf dengan menggerakkan bibir mereka, namun tidak mengeluarkan suara.

Takaki menangis dan ambruk di belakang panggung.

Kenapa bahasa yang kasar ditujukan kepada Yamada dan Chinen?

Kenapa para member meminta maaf?

Dan saat MC

Customer: Wanita jelek seperti kamu tidak seharusnya datang

Customer: Diam! Seseorang sepertimu tidak akan mendapat fan service.

Debat pun terjadi diantara fans.

Para member HS7 pun kebingungan.

Arioka dan Inoo mencoba menghibur Takaki yang menangis.

Yabu dan Yaotome mengambil alih MC dan hal itu berakhir.

Dan untuk menambahkan,

Chinen: Siapa yang ingin kalian pilih?

Customer: Ryutaro

Chinen tidak dapat menyembunyikan kekecewaannya.

Yabu meminta Chinen untuk bertanya kepada penonton dan konser berakhir.

Namun, tidak lama setelah itu, insiden terjadi.

2012's NEW YEAR concert

Pemandangan yang dilihat para member

Customer: Serahkan sign ball itu! (Bam bam!)

Memukul penonton yang lain dengan uchiwa.

Lalu mengambil sign ball dan berakhir dengan tamparan.

Para member yang melihat hal itu

: Maaf, kamu baik-baik saja?

Mengapa para member meminta maaf?

Etiket yang buruk pun mempengaruhi konser lainnya.

Sebuah pernyataan yang mengejutkan dari Yabu

: Sudah aku putuskan. Kita tidak akan melempar sigh ball saat Asia Tour.

: Apa? Kenapa?

Yaotome: Kamu tahu kenapa

Chinen: Oke, paling tidak kertas berwarna.

Inoo: ...itu sama saja…

Nakajima: Yabu, kamu bercanda kan?

Yabu: Sebagai tambahan, troli juga dilarang. Staf baru memberitahu

Yaotome: Apa? Kamu bercanda?!

Yamada: Kita tidak melakukan sesuatu yang salah.

Arioka: Yamada, berhenti menyalahkan dirimu. Keito, jangan menangis.

Okamoto: Tapi, ini Asia Tour.

Pembicaraan ini terjadi saat pertemuan untuk mempersiapkan konser.

Pada hari itu, semua member menangis.

dan Asia Tour usai.

Sejak hari itu, terror terhadap fans JUMP terus bertambah.

Dan, the National JUMP Tour dilangsungkan setahun setelah hal itu.

Di tengah konser, saat Yamada sedang menuruni tribun, fans menarik rambut dan bajunya.

Hal yang sama terjadi pada Arioka.

Takaki marah saat seseorang menyentuh ‘his important part’.

Konser pertama di Kagoshima sama buruknya dengan SUMMARY.

Konser tahun berikutnya

Live With Me

Faktanya, tidak terdapat banyak masalah pada konser ini.

"Hm? Kita dapat mengubah isi dari konser mendatang bukan?”

Para member pun senang

Yabu: Oke, mari kita membuat smart lebih baik.

Semua: Yay!

Teror fans terhadap para member menghilang, dan para member mulai merencanakan penampilan mereka di konser smart.

Semua orang beranggapan smart akan sukses.


Para member yang sangat merencanakan konser smart

Silent dance pada Ride With Me dan  cute dance pada School Girl

Dan pertama kalinya menampilkan unit song

Saya yakin semua orang menonton DVD dan beranggapan konser ini lebih baik.

Namun, konser ini mempunyai insiden yang paling besar.

Cerita tentang Chinen yang sangat terkenal

Mari membahas ini lebih detail

Pada lagu unit Chinen, Night Style People, Super Super Night

Unit song pertama dari semua unit song

Chinen bernyanyi dengan semangat

Dia melihat sesuatu yang seharusnya tidak ia lihat.

Customer (uchiwa): Chinen mati

Itu adalah kata-kata yang tertulis pada uchiwa.

Chinen: Apa? Serius? Hal ini lagi?

Entah bagaimana Chinen dapat melewati hal ini.

Namun, ada insiden yang lebih tidak dapat ditahan

Saat lagu, School Gilr dengan tarian yang cute.

Chinen: Aku tidak mau ke sana. Aku tidak dapat menyanyikan lagu gembira seperti ini di depan uchiwa tersebut.

Dan School Girl akhirnya dimulai

Chinen: Tolong.. Aku harap tidak ada yang menyadari hal ini.

Namun, saat mereka semua berangkulan

Terlihat jelas wajah Yamada, Inoo, dan Yabu berubah.

Chinen: Aku tidak mau melakukan hal ini lagi. Aku membuat semuanya sedih. Ini kesalahanku.

Harap mengkonfirmasi hal ini pada DVD konser smart

Mimik wajah mereka bertiga.

Dan setelah itu, mereka berlari pada posisi mereka untuk lagu Weekender

Chinen langsung berlari menuju posisinya

Chinen: Apa yang harus aku lakukan? Setelah ini MC

Dan Chinen mengetahui Yamada tidak bergerak di layar.

Chinen: Ryosuke menyadarinya

Dan saat MC

Okamoto: Kamu tidak perlu terlalu khawatir

Kenyataannya, Okamoto juga sadar.

Dia mengatakan hal itu pada Chinen dan tidak seorangpun yang menyadarinya saat MC

Arioka: Yamada, tadi kamu membeku (tidak bergerak).

Yamada: Serius, saya terlalu semangat saat School Girl. Aku membeku di sana, dan Yuto seperti mengajakku untuk kembali.

Arioka: Seperti, ayo bermain baseball?

Nakajima: Mhm mhmm. Dia menatap kamera, maka aku mengajaknya ke sini.

Chinen: Dai-chan tidak menyadarinya. Aku akan meminta maaf pada Ryosuke nanti. Yuto, terima kasih sudah membantu.

Yabu dan Inoo tertawa pahit

Dan saat mereka kembali ke belakang panggung untuk berganti pakaian

Chinen ambruk dan menangis

Arioka meminta maaf dengan serius pada Chinen

Arioka: Maaf, aku tidak sadar. Yamada juga, maafkan aku.

Chinen: Dai-chan tidak salah

Arioka, Takaki, dan Yaotome mendengar masalah uchiwa saat itu.

Chinen, seorang idol 24 jam sehari

Chinen sangat jarang menangis

Teror saat dia kelas 2 SMA saat SUMMARY

Terjadi lagi

Smart di Yokohama berakhir dengan dukungan dari member lainnya.

Namun, masalah lainnya terjadi selama smart

Silent dance yang sangaat ingin dilakukan oleh para member di lagu Ride With Me

Mereka dapat melakukan penampilan yang mereka tidak dapat lakukan sebelumnya. Hal ini disebabkan oleh etiket yang baik pada konser Live With Me

Namun, saat silent dance

: Yamada~!

Silent dance berantakan

Dan saat Yamada dilempar boneka binatang saat dia berada di troli, dan Arioka yang dilempar dengan penlight.

Lengan Arioka yang terkena penlight meninggalkan bekas, dan tubuhnya gemetar saat di atas troli.

Konser smart tour yang diekspektasikan semua orang menjadi kacau.

Dan musim semi 2015

Ada kabar gembira bagi HSJ

(Staff /Johnny-san(?)): Maukah kalian tampil di WakuWaku School dengan Arashi?

Semua member JUMP menjawab saat itu

Semua: Ya! Kami mau! Ayo kita lakukan!

Arashi memang mengagumkan.

Mereka dapat tampil bersama senpai tersebut.

Chinen: Yey! Kita dapat membuat acara dengan Ohno-kun!?

Yabu: Kita menjadi murid mereka

Nakajima: Lebih dari cukup. Mereka senior yang baik bagi kita.

Yamada: Ini sangat menyenangkan

Yaotome: Pemeran utamanya Arashi! Jangan lupa itu!

Semua: Okeee

Arioka: Tapi, apa ini baik-baik saja?

Takaki: Benar. Kita tidak boleh mengganggu Arashi kan?

Inoo: Tentu saja. Jika kita mendapat masalah dengan fans Arashi, ini tidak akan berakhir baik.

Okamoto: Tidak, kita harus percaya.

Yabu: Yeah, semua akan baik-baik saja Dai-chan.

Dan saat WakuWaku School di Osaka Dome mulai

Hari pertama sangat menyenangkan dan mereka dapat bersama seluruh member Arashi

Namun, wajah dari staf  kusam

Staff: Ada yang merekam video secara ilegal

Arashi: Apa?? Apa? (tertawa)

Staff: Jelas ada perekaman video secara illegal. WakuWaku direkam.

Sakurai: Tunggu, apa??

Staff: Dilakukan oleh salah satu fans JUMP

Semua: ... No...

Yabu: Aku meminta maaf sebesar-besarnya untuk hal itu.

Matsumoto: Tidak, itu bukan kesalahan Yabu. Tidak apa-apa. Aku akan mencoba memberitahukannya pada MC besok.

MC keesokan harinya

Matsumoto menyimpang dari MC dan membahas tentang video illegal.

Dan hari itu tidak ditemukan masalah……


Staff: Ada etiket buruk lagi hari ini. Ada seseorang yang membawa uchiwa.

Matsumoto: Uchiwa siapa? Uchiwa tidak diijinkan di WakuWaku.

Staff: Inoo-san.

Inoo: Huh!? Apa? Kamu bercanda.

Staff: Mereka membawanya saat kami melakukan pemeriksaan barang bawaan.

Inoo: Maaf.. maaf atas kelakuan mereka.

Aiba: Tidak apa-apa. Inoo tidak perlu meminta maaf.

Setelah itu, Inoo melihat air mata di mata senpai mereka.

Inoo: Um... Mohon maaf sebesar-besarnya!

Matsumoto: Tidak. Yang harus meminta maaf adalah kami. Merekam video secara illegal berarti tidak menyenangkan saat menonton langsung kan? Dengan cara merekam dengan kamera. Ini kesalahan kami yang membuat mereka tidak berminat untuk menonton.

Inoo membungkuk dan pergi.

Dia melewati Ohno dan Ninomiya

Ninomiya: Sangat jarang MatsuJun menangis.

Ohno: Maksudnya, Inoo tidak bersalah. Oke?

Inoo: Tapi aku….

Ninomiya: Semua akan baik-baik saja. Sampai ketemu besok.

HSJ terharu akan kata-kata dari member Arashi

Cerita mendetail berakhir di sini.

Setelah WakuWaku School adalah tour HSJ

Ada video illegal juga selama tour ini.

Menurut cerita dari teman baik Yamada, HSJ terus menyalahkan diri mereka.

Dan mereka menangis dan menangis.

(Yamada's) Best Friend: Seperti ItaJUMP dan lainnya, mereka banyak keluar, tapi menurut saya, yang saya tahu, mereka itu menakjubkan. Mereka melakukan yang terbaik dengan senyuman.

Itu adalah kata-kata dari teman baik Yamada.

(Yamada's) Best Friend: Jika kamu adalah fans, pikirkan tentang mereka. Saya tidak tahu banyak tentang konser, tapi berhenti menyakiti teman-teman Ryosuke. Aku mohon.

Insiden saat MC tour diupload

Apa yang JUMP pikirkan tentang ini

Buat kalian yang sudah membaca sejauh ini, kalian harus tahu

The Countdown Concert saat akhir tahun

Jika konser ini tidak sukses…

JUMP akan menangis

Mereka akan menyalahkan diri mereka
Mereka akan meminta maaf

Saya tidak mau mereka melakukan hal-hal itu lagi

Saya akan mengatakannya bekali-kali

Hey! Say! JUMP akan menyalahkan diri mereka sendiri atas etiket buruk para fans

Dan mereka menangis

Yang berbahaya adalah DVD konser tidak akan dijual

Tampaknya ini adalah kisah nyata

JUMP membungkuk dan terkadang DVD dapat dijual

Tentang WakuWaku School

Ada kemungkinan WakuWaku School tahun depan tidak aka nada.

Kalian tahu sebabnya bukan?

Ada juga rumor tentang masa depan HSJ pasti tidak akan muncul

Percakapan para member saat diputuskan mereka akan tampil di WakuWaku School

Terlihat menyenangkan bukan

Namun, malah menjadi seperti itu

Saya mengharapkan etiket baik di Countdown concert

Saya harap hal ini tersebar juga dikalangan non-Tobikko

Saya mohon untuk menyebarkan hal ini

Siapapun yang sudah membaca sejauh ini
Tolong share ini di timeline kalian

Sekarang kalian semua mengetahui kisah nyata dibalik semua konser dan perasaan JUMP. Countdown concert sudah berakhir dan saya sudah melihat orang-orang di twitter mengatakan dan bahkan bertanya apa ada rekamannya. Tidakkah itu bodoh? Etiket fans sangat buruk. Dan juga saat konser countdown ada fans yang mengangkat uchiwa lebih tinggi dari dada mereka, hal itu menyalahi peraturan yang melarang fans mengangkat uchiwa lebih tinggi dari dada mereka. Tolong patuhi aturan yang ada di konser. Setelah itu ditemukan seseorang di twitter yang tidak dapat mengatakan di akun twitter otakunya, tapi dia akan mengatakannya disini kalau dia akan meminta maaf, tapi tidak ada maksud untuk meminta maaf. Dia tidak terlihat meminta maaf dan saya berpikir itu sangat kasar. Mari hentikan ini.. Tolong patuhi peraturan di konser.

Now you all know the true story behind all those concerts and JUMP's feelings. The countdown concert is already over and I've seen people on twitter saying and even asking if they were going to record the countdown concert or even video tape the concert. Don't you think this is riduculous? The fans' manners were bad there. And also the Johnny's countdown concert where there was one fan who rose their uchiwa above their chest when there is clearly a rule that states that you are not allowed to raise uchiwas in a level above your chest. Please follow the rules and behave in concerts. Someone later found on twitter that she can't say it on her otaku twitter account, but she will say here that I will apologize, but there was no intention of apology. She did not seem sorry at all and I think that is just very rude. Let's stop this okay guys... Please follow the rules and behave in concerts.


My opinion in Indonesian Language, if you don't want to read, please don't read it.

Pendapat saya:
Setelah membaca post ini saya tidak yakin kalau post ini 100% benar. Mungkin beberapa hal benar, seperti merekam konser, uchiwa yg terlalu tinggi, fans rebutan signball. Dan menurut saya itu suatu hal yang wajar dan pasti terjadi. Sedangkan dibagian percakapan, saya sangat tidak yakin, siapa yang bisa ingat percakapan seperti itu. Apa yang kita bicarakan saja 1 jam yang lalu, kita bisa lupa. Hanya ingat intinya.
Sebagian besar terlihat seperti fiksi.
Apalagi ini dikatakan berasal dari teman dari teman baiknya Ryosuke.. itu berarti udah orang ke-3..

Anggaplah benar itu teman baik Ryosuke…
Ryosuke cerita ke si A… A menangkap cerita itu, membayangkannya… Lalu iya bercerita pada B, dengan tambahan opini pribadi dari si A… si B menangkap cerita A, membayangkannya, lalu menulis dengan tambahan opini pribadi dari B…
Jadi apakah itu bisa dikatakan cerita asli dari Ryosuke??

Untuk perubahan wajah beberapa member.
Konon dari beberapa sumber, saya menemukan bahwa “freeze” yang Yamada lakukan bukan hanya di konser itu.
Kalau Yabu dan Inoo mereka seperti memalingkan muka
Kalau Chinen sendiri..seperti dilihat di solo angle, Chinen tidak pernah terlihat focus saat bukan bagian dia bernyanyi. Mata suka kemana-mana, kadang bengong, kadang senyum.

Terutama di bagian WakuWaku itu terlihat banyak sekali “bumbu” ditambahkan.
MatsuJun menangis, oke itu harus diabadikan..
Kemana Sakurai Sho saat itu? Biasa dia yang paling vocal masalah etiket fans.

Tapi yang jelas, etiket fans belakangan ini memburuk. Itu benar. Bukan hanya fans. Mari ke kehidupan kita sehari-hari, terutama saat di lift. Biasakan dahulukan yang keluar, agar kita bisa masuk. Namun apa yang terjadi? Yang mau keluar tidak bisa keluar karena terhalang yang masuk. Apa yang kita butuhkan? Kita butuh seseorang yang berani untuk mengatakan itu.
Waktu itu, saya bersama dengan pelatih paduan suara, dan beliau dengan tegasnya berkata “DAHULUKAN YANG KELUAR” seketika itu yang mau masuk membuka jalan untuk yang keluar.
Kalau memang ada fans yang seperti itu di JUMP, mungkin akan menjadi lebih baik kalau di JUMP ada seseorang yang bisa dengan tegas menghardik fans yang seperti itu, bukan meminta maaf…Karena kalau pun berita itu benar, fans tidak bisa apa-apa, Johnnys pun hanya bisa mengeluarkan peraturan, tapi itu belum tentu mengubah fans. Kalau tidak ada lagi DVD, fans bisa semakin melakukan tindakan illegal. JUMP yang harus turun tangan, bukan hanya meminta maaf. *memang JUMP itu semua anak baik-baik……

Saat membaca post ini, saya teringat Sakurai Sho yang bisa marah bahkan katanya berteriak baik itu di kehidupan pribadinya bila ia menemukan fans yang tidak baik. That’s why I like Sakurai-kun.

Ini murni pendapat saya.. tidak salah kan kalau berpendapat.. kalau tidak suka ya tidak apa-apa..

Mohon maaf kalau ada kesalahan dalam penerjemahan. saya berusaha tidak menambahkan bumbu, hanya menerjemahkan apa yang ada. Saya juga tidak melakukan pemilihan kata agar menarik dan enak dibaca.
sara_bassy92: (chii)
Kindaichi (ni-san-yon)

Do you know why I put the title like that? Do you understand what I mean?

Yesterday, I decided to download (and watch, of course) all generation of Kindaichi Live Action, from the first, Domoto Tsuyoshi-kun until the newest (the fourth generation), Yamada Ryosuke-kun.
I hope I can watch all of them on Christmas Holiday! Hahaha
I already watched “kindaSAN” – the third generation, Kamenashi Kazuya-kun, before I watched “kindaYON”.
*I will use this kind of writing to write about generation*

Now, I am watching the “kindaICHI” SP 1, which published on 1995.
Watching the old drama is kowaii!!! Even though it is a detective drama, but it changes to horror! The film on that year is darker than now. The quality of pictures, colors, and size (weight and length of picture) are different and make it more kowaii!!
But there is one similarity between kinda-ICHI-SAN-YON (I haven’t watched the NI), the BGM (background music)! It is KINDAICHI’s music!

Before watch the Kindaichi Live Action, I already read the manga, I like detective mangas and novels. I have Detective Conan, Kindaichi, Sherlock Holmes, and Agatha Christie’s Novel.
I already have image of Kindaichi before I watch the Live Action, so I keep it in my mind when I watch the LA.
For me, the closest version of Kindaichi is kindaYON – Yamada Ryosuke. He can show the baka-hentai-comical Kindaichi to us, and also don’t-has-shy (I don’t know how to describe it).
The closest version of Miyuki is kindaSAN – Ueno Juri. She could express the angriness but also need Kindaichi.

Music Day

Mar. 9th, 2015 05:41 pm
sara_bassy92: (chii)

National Music Day in Indonesia!!
I almost forgot hahaha..
Happy Music Day 😁😁😁
sara_bassy92: (chii)
This journal is “Semi-Friends Only”

My name is Sara…
I’m from Indonesia…
I graduated from my college in 2014, majoring Music.
I’m a music assistant lecturer (piano and double bass), piano teacher, orchestra player, and also a fangirl of Hey! Say! JUMP and Arashi (LOL) – I wonder if fangirl is a kind of occupation XD
My bias in Hey! Say! JUMP is Chinen Yuri. But now, I like Yamada Ryosuke too!! I can’t choose one of them. They are too perfect to be together (it is just my opinion) (LOL). Of course my OTP is Yamachii.
My bias in Arashi is Sakurai Sho. I like his face and his voice.

My other hobbies are making handy craft, cooking and baking, singing, travelling, and so on.

All of my LJ posts consist of my private life and JUMP files.
I decided all my JUMP files are locked.
I’d like to tell you that I don’t have any subbed videos.

I start to make fan fiction, if you don’t like please don’t read it.

If you interest of my JUMP files, please leave a comment here and give a short introduction about yourself to be added.
I’d like to know who are you, who’s your name and where you come from.
I’d like to know which fans are you and who’s your bias.
I don’t want random people come and grab some of my videos without I don’t even know them.

As the other LJ and community, I have rules. Mostly same as the others and I think it is not too hard for you to obey.

  1. Don’t spread my files’ links and passwords to anyone and anywhere. Just share my LJ acc address. NO HOTLINK.

  2. Don’t edit or claims my files as yours or re-upload my files anywhere.

  3. You should have AT LEAST 3 PUBLIC ENTRIES on your LJ acc. Proving that you’re not a robot.

  4. I just add back for LJ account only.


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long time not write here..
Now is my free-time during the hectic-Monday-teaching..
I have class from 8am-10am and 1.30pm-6pm...
I want refreshing!!! hahaha -sorry for bad English-

I want to write about my experience these 2 days..
the main point is about COMMUNICATION..
as a human, we are social, right? we need to communicate each other..
we can't live alone..

these 2 days, I found problem in communication..
as a musician (I can say I'm a musician) especially in a group musicians we have manager, who take care us, make schedule, and many more.. I am a manager too in other event, I must take care around 25 I know the job desk of manager..
I found lack of communitacion from 2 "my manager" (actually not mine, but our different group..haha)
I hate the last minute person who contacts musicians last minute - I can say last minute, because he said "THIS AFTERNOON / THIS NIGHT" and  "TOMORROW" without any announcement at least a week before..
You think I don't have any job or work besides yours?!?!?!?!
Why you make some schedule if you always said it in last minute?!?!
and I know this event already scheduled 2 months ago...Why you don't tell us at least a month before to save the date?!?
is it difficult to contact us?!

the second problem is NO COMMUNICATIONS between the crew..
if the crew don't have good communications, how come you can make an event and take care the musisicans?!
I don't want make long comment in this point, because it internal problem with the crews, I just a musician....

I want to take my lunch haha..
I will write again maybe tomorrow or Wednesday,,
I want to try make fanfictions, many ideas, don't know where to start..hahaha..
hope I can start it soon..
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