Jun. 3rd, 2014 12:42 pm
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My third post today.. Haha
Maybe there are many j-pop-ers change to be k-pop-ers nowaday because so many korean artists, dramas, boybands and girlbands in television....
Butttttttt... I succeed to make 2 k-pop-ers become fans of Yamada Ryosuke!! Hahaha
And they begin to listen HSJ's and NYC's beside Yamada's solos.

It happened last two weeks.. I sleptover in my friend's dormitory and we watched Zenkoku e JUMP Tour 2013.. We made so much noise that 'disturbed' the next rooms. And my friends from next room came and watched what we was watching.. Hahaha
And at that time we was watching Yamada's solo - Mystery Virgin (Nagoya Concert) with best visual effect in stage.. And they said 'aaaa.. So cool...' and 'who is he? So handsome lah' hahahaha
After that they asked me about yamada and asked me to bring more yamada's video for week after. And every week thats happen.. Haha
Now I get confused because I already showed all yamada's videos that I have. I must search the newest.. Hahaha

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I was inactive almost 2 weeks because of hectic weeks..
I had many assignments and works, and also my paper (that haven't done until now..haha)
Next two weeks also become hectic weeks because of rehearsals and concerts.
I am a freelance doublebassist and I will play in my friends' recital.
On 2nd of April, "A War to Remember" a composition recital by Budi Kristanda
11th of April, "Venessa" a vocal senior recital by Venessa Adverta Fortuna
and I also have rehearsal for Ratna's senior recital..
And help a class with play doublebass..and the final exam..and church orchestra rehearsal for Easter..
Okay, let's move from the task, haha..
Many of my friends and teachers went to Japan!! oh no!! They posted the picture in Instagram and Facebook..
And my bestfriends also want to go to Japan..
And also for the recitals, there are some of my friends chose "Japan" for the theme..
There are "spring" (use sakura), "origami", and "dream land: Japan"
I think I will make "Japan recital" also next semester..haha
Today (Sunday), I will go to my campus just for rehearsal for my friend's recital..
It is true that musicians do not have holiday!
Okay.. ja ne.. see you :)


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