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Okayy.. Today I will write sometihing different..not about school and not about Johnnys or JUMP..

Artist..people who work in art..not just performer (I will talk for music, not the other arts)..but also people whose work behind the scene..yaa sometimes we can call it director or manager or staff.. Because of them the performing can be done..

When I become a performer, sometimes I complain many thing to the staff..but now, I become a staff..the director said that I am a good manager.. I just do everything that I want people do it for me..and if you work with your heart, it become different, you can do anything happily and not complain..

Do your best in everything everytime and everywhere.. Do it with your heart and you'll see the awsome result..

Maybe I will say something about JUMP (all post related to JUMP, haha).. I can say they love their job.. They do it with all their heart.. That's why, I always thinking "why do they not get tired after concert and can do the another concert in one day?" Now I find the answer.. With heart you will not fell tired in your work.. You love it, you love to see people smile because of you, that's all...

Thanks for this chance and experience..


Apr. 4th, 2014 01:28 pm
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Today I will write in Bahasa Indonesia..

Minggu yg melelahkan belum selesai dan saya sudah terkapar..
Senin yang merupakan hari libur diisi dengan latihan resital 'A War to Remember'..
Selasa ada kelas minor doublebass..
Rabu resital.'A War to Remember'..
Kamis resital Vivi plus latihan senior resital Ratna..
Jumat hearing Ratna..
Dan besok Sabtu ada resital Meliana...

Sebenarnya dari hari Rabu malam badan sudah teriak minta istirahat..tapi tdk bisa, Jumat sudah penilaian..errr..

Sampai akhirnya Jumat sudah tidak kuat lagi..padahal masih harus buat PPT buat resital Meliana dan lipat2 origami..astaga..

Ini enakan makan mie bakso kuah sambil minum teh hangat..hujan pula..okelah..mari hibernasi..nanti malam kerja lagiii

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